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Keeping the Faith

Ruby81 stone

This week I have been feeling fat and very ploddy, last night I almost wrote in another moany post on here and was feeling qute sorry for myself. But I just stuck to my calorie allowance and kept going and it has paid off! Just when I needed a sign that I was doing the right thing, I weighed myself and have reached one of my mini goals, which was to reach 240lbs. I was 250lbs when I started 6 weeks ago. This means if I keep going I will soon have lost my first stone.

It just goes to show how important it is to keep the faith, even when we feel and look the same, it's hard to see the little shifts in our bodies and it can feel like nothing is changing. I think these are the times it is so important to keep on with the healthy eating and the weighing and the calorie counting.

Onwards and downwards!

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Well done, 10lb in 6 weeks is great! The plan really does work and I'm sure your post will inspire others to stick with it. Have you got a non food treat planned for yourself when you have lost a whole stone? you deserve it!

Although outwardly it is hard to see the differences the first 30 or so pounds make, inwardly, the body is rapidly becoming a lot healthier.

Nobody could tell I was losing weight during the first few months of my weight loss journey, but I could - and that was more important to me.

I loved being able to do more, walk further, breathe more easily and I could feel the differences in the way I felt in my clothes.

So, yes, keep the faith, rejoice in the improvements you can feel - soon you will be able to wow everyone with your weight loss, I promise!


Well done Ruby that's excellent -keep the faith ☺

kalahuchi6 stone

That's fantastic Ruby8. Slow and steady does the trick and if you just hang on in there, the scales usually oblige our stubborn persistence in the end. Have you seen Lesstolose's post this morning? If anything can inspire you to just keep going, take a look at Lesstolose's picture! Good luck x

Well done Ruby, you are doing really well and your first stone badge is looming. I hope you have a little non food reward planned for yourself. Xx

Ruby81 stone

Thanks for all your replies. I should plan a treat for myself when I get to my 1 stone gone...hmmmm....will have to work on that! :-)


Defenders of the Faith


Very well done Ruby8 😊 The human body is amazing, like others have said, inwardly improving your health and fitness 😊😊😊 that is a perfect rate to lose fat, very well done! 😊🎉👏😊

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