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Strength Sept - new week, new chart

Strength Sept - new week, new chart

Okay, so last week I lost my chart that I had made and didn't save it on my work PC either. I failed miserably last week at keeping up with this (as you can see above....), needless to say, I am ashamed.

I've now made my new chart and am hoping I can force myself to do this every night before bed!!

I've also included tick boxes for when I go swimming (have crossed off today's as I do not have time after work or this eve to go), aim for at least twice a week. Emphasis on 'at least'. Hoping to keep it steady for the next 4 weeks at 3-4.

This takes up right till the day before I fly off, I'm sure I'll be doing swimming or walking, if not both daily!

I will ideally need to watch the food and drink, but it's a needed holiday, so I'm not going to feel too guilty for going for a second helping of something :P

PS. I have no idea why it is coming out sideways, it won't let me flip it! OMG, you can't even see it that well!!!!!!! D:

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I can see it perfectly well if I glance sideways mid tricep dip, and it certainly looks like a determined chart. Just see this holiday as a healthier version of previous holidays. Little changes here and there will make all the difference, but at the end of the day it's got to still feel like a holiday! But it's a great motivation to think - what can I achieve before I go- and I bet you can achieve a lot! Hope this chart fares better than the last one and motivates you to have an excellent week :)


Haha, I just couldn't get it to flip around!

Did 30 squats, 15 tricep dips, 20 sit-ups and 30 body weight bridges last night. Swimming tonight, hopefully and shall decide on my mix of moves later on when I get home.

So I think to keep me in check, may have to post an updated chart weekly, having to publish it will hopefully keep me on track. Don't want to show a non-work day unless it's a rest day or for a very good reason!

Oooh, it will be relaxing as anything! My friend and I always pledge to do a few lengths of the pool a day if we're in it, just to something active. Think for the most part, I shall be laid out on a lilo recovering from breakfast and lunches!

I'm hoping to stick to it for the next 4 weeks and see some differences... Will be slightly disappointed if I don't. But then I know that once the holiday is out of the way, my housemate and I have set ourselves a challenge to lose weight for another holiday next year - having it so we're looking back at this year's photos like "who is that?"

My motivation is always 0 for exercise, so I really want to prove to myself that I can make changes and get to where I want to be. Correction, have always wanted to be, moaned about not being there, but not really doing anything to get there.

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You're definitely on your way now :)


Great chart! Good luck and very best wishes 😊

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