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First gym visit and I'm terrified

Hello all, I'm following the 12 week plan and I'm just about to finish week 2 and so far I've lost 6lbs which I'm of course absolutely thrilled about but am aware that the rate of loss will slow down. I'm on the plan as part of a clinical trial through a well known gym/private health provider and as part of the trial a 12-week gym membership is included so I've arranged for my induction to the gym for tomorrow and I'm absolutely terrified about it. Ideally I'd like to scream out loud right now and run away - immature I know but I really can't help it. I can only liken this feeling to the feeling you get in your stomach at job interviews or going to the dentist, in fact I'd RATHER be going to the dentist! I'm not fit in any any, I've never taken part in physical and exercise for any length of time.

Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom or advice that I can use or possibly calm myself down? Thanks

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Hi Susethomasx

Congratulations on the 6 lbs you have lost in just two weeks. Well done.

And well done for arranging for your introduction to the gym tomorrow (today?). You are taking all the right steps to turn your life around. Brilliant!

I felt the same when I joined a local running club recently. I had only just managed to complete the NHS Couch to 5k programme, I was overweight and I was slow as a snail, And I was so afraid that they would all be young, skinny gazelles whom I couldn't keep up with, and that I was going to look fat and stupid and feel horrible.

But what I found was a group of likeminded people of all ages, many of whom needed to lose weight, a very friendly bunch. We run and laugh and support each other, and I am so glad I found the courage to join that club!

I'm sure people at your gym will be just as friendly!

And welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. It’s great that you’ve joined.

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Enjoy the forum, and wishing you success with your goals.

😊 Iben


Hi @Susethomasx

Yes the dreaded gym'o'phobia. Please don't worry. I remember setting foot into the gym having lost 4 stone, yet I still weighed 21 stone. One thing you will notice is that no-one is looking at you. The super fit ones are too busy looking in the mirror making sure they look good and the other ones are just exercising, sweating and steaming trying to get through their workout. Exercise, especially mixed with some body building weights, and I don't mean you'll end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but weights that tone the body are some of the best forms of exercise you can do to shift the fat.

Good luck and, in 12 weeks you'll look and feel a whole lot better about yourself.

I love running and have done loads of competition runs, half marathons etc yet every single one I have the dreaded nerves. I am not fast, I am not going to beat anyone, there is no pressure yet you get this feeling deep in the tummy making you want to throw up and give up before you even get to the starting line yet each time I have an amazing time and thoroughly enjoy myself. It's just the bodies reaction to something out of the norm. Use that fear to power you through the workouts.

'Carry on and hit the gym'


My only pearls of wisdom are that there are all shapes and sizes at the gym I go to and at every gym I've been to. For me I think that the fact people go to the gym should be applauded, so their size and fitness is irrelevant. I hope you enjoy it and you will feel good about yourself for going. Well done on the 6lb loss so far - that's a fab start. X

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No pearls of wisdom, but a gym instructor once told me he preferred helping overweight or unfit people because he found it so rewarding 😊

The other thing to think about is, like my daughter says, everyone is so focused on their own exercise they won't be looking at you 😊

It sounds like a really good scheme, make the most of it! And keep us posted 😊


I felt the same about the couch 25k programme but am loving it now. The thought of it is a lot worse than actually doing it! You will feel amazing if you stick with it and just trust... Good luck! Feel the fear and do it anyway.... X



Well done on your weightloss and making the brave decision to join a gym.

I joined nearly a year ago and love it, went in a pair of 3/4 crop pants and bsggy t.shirt no one gave me a second glance. I had an induction on how to use the equipment. Started slow on treadmill, leg press etc, now I do classes, spinning and much more.

My advice is watch the trainers see who is more friendly, who has more clients, my gym is on twitter and facebook see if yours is and watch if people leave comments, then if you want a trainer get prices many do a block booking £25 per session or book 5 and pay for 4 or they may do a diet/ exercise plan for free. Their not cheap, I managed without but just need one lasst push (tummy needs to shrink more quicker) so I may just make the move in October/November.

Good luck and look forward to up dates.



Good luck today Susethomasx 😃

I'm sure you will be fine and everyone will make you really welcome 👍

Everyone at your gym has been in your shoes at one point. You can do it !!

Let us know how you get on xx


I used to go to a gym weighing in at over 12 stones and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are of course those women who like to "pose" and wander round with next to nothing on, but they are often the most insecure! There are also lots of heavily overweight people whose doctors have sent them down the gym in a bid to help them improve matters, and then there are those who go with friends and spend more time chatting than exercising! The staff are always lovely, the older ones are best as have more empathy with the more mature and less than supple people like myself! Go on, have a great time, you will soon be hooked!

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Hi ,well I'm aged 70 ,with asthma ,Bronchiectis and COPD ,aswell as under active thyroid ,osteoporosis ,and high blood pressure ,and I go to the gym twice a week ,and don't feel out of place at all ,,,,in fact the trainers have always been most helpful ,so put those doubts to the back of your mind and think if she can do it so can I ,,,,,and well done on losing 6lbs that's a big achievement and far more difficult than walking into the gym,good luck with everything ,



Ive got the same thing and issues, I have 12 week gym pass and not even used it yet, 4 weeks into it so first of all thats great, at least you have gone, and well done for your loss so far and keep going and doing it at your own pace. I need someone to motivate me and maybe meet up, I have this fat and need to get rid but its just that initial getting my a s s down there, anyone in salford, higher broughton having the same problems please message me, I need to do this before its to late, I need a gym bud


Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful responses - I'm totally blown away! I'm heading down for 6pm tonight so I'll let you all know how it goes. Thank you so much again, if nothing else, it's taken most of my worries away and that's a fab start! X


Well, I did it and it wasn't anywhere near as daunting as I had thought it would be! I did have a momentary freak out just before going in, but I pushed myself and did it! That was Sunday evening, I went again on Tuesday morning and I'm off to work this morning with my gym bag packed so I can go straight after work tonight. I'm following a plan that one of the trainers worked out for me that is doable, but still a challenge. Thanks again for all the support!


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