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Good day following a rubbish one


So a lot of you saw my rubbish sad post yesterday. I think part of it was the fact I had a rubbish day at work, also because I realised it was my "time of the month", which sounds a bit pathetic but to be honest I'm not used to it. Anyway, this is how I did today- woke up late so didn't have brekkie, just had a coffee. Went on a 5k walk and got plenty of bits and bobs done, turkey pasta salad for lunch, then 30mins of fast cycling, then I made a lovely Carrot and coriander soup for dins- gimme a shout if you want a recipe, it's perfect if I do say so myself! With a few oatcakes. And tomorrow I have a personal training session at the gym. Onwards and upwards! Also I think I think I need to set myself some goals. "Lose weight" and "feel better" just aren't specific enough! Lots of love, Mel xxx

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I'm glad to know things are going a little better for you today. Things for the last two days at my job were not so good, either. Very stressful and not easy to be around. It's a long story.


Great news Mel! :)

We're always on the lookout for new recipes, so any time you want to post one, we'll be grateful :)

With all that fab exercising you're doing, you should join The Kilometre Zero Challenge and log your K's :)

Keep up the great work and Onwards and Downwards! :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Mel,

So glad you're feeling better. Enjoy your personal training session at the gym tomorrow. Sounds like fun. :-)

Great idea to make your goals more specific, as that's really motivating.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and really glad you're feeling better.

Lowcal :-)

Chefmel in reply to Zest

The personal training sesh wasn't really very intense, it was more like an introduction to the gym, and discussing what I want out of my workout. But a plan has been written up for me and I already went yesterday and put it into action (a mix of cardio and weights specifically to increase upper body strength, as I currently have 0, lol)

it's great you have had a good day today following on from a bad one. You have been very active and I applaud you for turning things around, well done you :-) you have everything planned out and your meal sounds lovely, Carrot and coriander soup for dins. I too make a lovely soup, but add a bit of scotch bonnet pepper to add a little zing as I love spice.

Great that you got a 30 min fast cycle there today and tomorrow sounds full on with that training session at the gym. It's definitely Onwards and Downwards for you hun :-)

Glad you are feeling better today, exercise always makes me feel better too even when I don't always feel like it before setting out. Sounds like you've had a great day and good luck with tomorrow :)

Ruby81 stone

Hey Chefmel, I didn't see your miserable post yesterday, but I'm glad today went so much better. It's funny isn't it how one day we can be so down and the next day, completely different! I hope the rest of your weekend goes well, and good luck with the goal planning!



Please you are feeling more positive today, your meals sound nice, and yes would love the carrot and coriander soup recipe. Well done on the exercise too.

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Pleased to hear from you sounding so much brighter - hopefully boosted by all your new mates on this forum!

You had a good day's eating calorie wise, but for me, personally, I would need to eat more than that to avoid that sinking feeling.

Aim to keep your sugar levels from zooming up and down; have some breakfast of a slow-release porridge or high protein poached eggs, then a snack mid-morning of some dried fruit and seeds is useful, or a banana? Also, mid-afternoon, a mug of hot chocolate or fruit tea with a low calorie snack like a rice-cake or two will keep you going until dinner. I always have something like a weight watchers fromage frais just before bed, otherwise I wake up hungry in the middle of the night. I am losing at, more or less, a 1lb a week and have almost lost 3 stones, so I know it can be done on 1500 calories daily if you are fairly active.

Keep working on the focus, a reason to do this; plan to take up tennis or subaqua diving or a sailing lesson or book a bungee jump in 3 months time (where you have to be at least a stone lighter)....the choices are out there.....something exciting to look forward to?

Forgot to add that I did have a cheeky large glass of wine later on in the evening after this, but everything else was kinda allright. I struggle with lean protein actually, particularly at breakfast as I don't like eggs. I haven't weighed myself yet, want to wait until I feel thinner first until I brave it. I would love to do tennis/ badminton or something but don't have anyone to do it with me. My problem is my fella never wants to do anything sporty- I bought him weights last Christmas and he hasn't touched them, and a couple of years ago he encouraged me to start running, bought me trainers as a birthday present, and promised he would go jogging with me, but he never did, so I just went by myself.

Wish we were a bit healthier together, if you know what I mean. Ive heard that when in a couple you tend to get into unhealthier habits easier, because you both sort of give eachother exscuses.

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier in reply to Chefmel

That is so true about couples leading each other into temptation! My daughter gained about 5 stones in 5 years with her ex, but is now dating a cycling fanatic and has lost a good 3 of those stones without following any diet...just following his example of eating slowly, not too much sweet stuff and lots of cycling.

Some sports you can get into as a single, by joining a club or booking a course of lessons, if you can find something local that appeals to you.

Glad to hear you feel better today. I do understand about the surprise about hormones - I am the same . I'd love the receipe as carrot & coriander soup is one of my favourite & my receipe is quite boring .

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