starting Monday the 12th September

All summer I have been saying Im starting today and never did. I can not afford to join a club so I found this on line, so suits me perfectly . Im starting Monday and feeling determined . I am 61 just and no idea what I weigh but Im guessing around 12 stone . I will go to the chemist and weigh myself


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  • Hi aw61 :)

    Welcome to the forum. I think getting yourself measured first and knowing your stats will be useful. :) Then just work from there. There are plenty of pinned threads with tons of advice and you'll find a none-judgemental acceptance here.

    Good luck and all the best for your future,

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Thanks Sazkia . Im looking forward to starting

  • I know everyone here will be glad to have you on board, we always enjoy new members coming in and of course if you know anything that might help another member with their weight-loss/fitness/getting healthy journey then please get involved and pass on your wisdom. :)

    Once again, welcome! :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • thank you sazkia it is nice to have support cos it is easy to say Diet starts Monday when you lapse.

  • Hi aw61 welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. It’s great that you've joined.

    Take a look at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread.

    Look at the Topics section beneath that, for posts that could answer any questions you may have. Consider joining any, or all, of our challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

    Join us for the Monday Group weigh-in. If you follow Lowcal and Moreless (our very approachable site Admins), you'll be notified when they post the threads. The latest weigh-in thread can always be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page.

    I would recommend you weigh yourself and measure some body parts ?!?! Arms,tummy,waist,thighs etc as as your journey progresses you may see inches lost when the scales stay the same.

    Most of us weigh once a week so you can see your progress on a regular basis.

    Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration.

    Enjoy the forum, and wishing you success with your goals.

    Good luck 😀

    Claire x

  • Hello aw61 😊

    You have come to the right place for support and advice on your weight loss journey 😊

    You will get an official welcome soon but in the meantime check out the newbies pinned post and also check you own personal target calorie range by working out your metabolic rate (BMR)

    Weighing yourself is great, also use a tape measure, so you can check your progress 😊

    Monday is a great day to start as there is a weigh in thread most people use 😊

    Very best wishes 😊

  • Hi

    I am sixty next month and last Monday was my first day, like you all summer I've been grazing merrily on just what I fancied.To my horror when my clothes started to feel a bit tight I got the scales out and I had gained 1 and a half stone.

    It has to come off , plus the rest I need to shed. So about 3 stone in all. It's not easy to get it off as it is to put it on. But, do weigh and measure then you can see the changes. I have lost 2 inches off my waist in just 5 days. I am not feeling so sluggish in the mornings and despite a little nausea, I feel good and very positive. Good luck and stay in touch. Go for it!! :-)

  • Me too - have joined paying clubs in the past and dropped out - this one is right up my street no strings and payment plans and very user friendly. Starting same day as you - follow me ? Angiepangie

  • How you doing ?

  • Only had two days of counting calories and I have managed to keep under the suggested 1400 kcal Feel less bloated already. Thanks for asking. Must keep going Find it a bit startling to see the calories per item I normally eat. A

  • I am 68 mother of four and granny of 4 !! I am same weight exactly - good luck -

  • I'm sure we can do it. It's portions I can't get my head round. I am only eating fruit and veg between meals and trying to stick rigidly to it. Here goes and good luck.

  • As Zoe Harcombe asks, if you regularly eat between meals when are you going to burn fat?

  • HI

    When I say between meals, I mean mid morning I will have piece of fruit or celery/carrot and mid afternoon I will have a piece of fruit to stop me feeling too hungry before my evening meal. I have lost 2lbs and 3 inches from my waist since last Sunday. So it is working. Do you recommend cutting out the fruit/veg sticks? I am desperate to have this diet work but hate feeling hungry. My girls at work all munch on the ever present cakes/biscuits, I am being ever so good and not being tempted.


  • Ultimately you have to make an informed decision Molly; I try not to be prescriptive.

    What has to happen for our bodies to burn our fat stores is for our insulin levels to be low. This is why people with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or PCOS find it even harder to lose weight.

    It is worth considering that our body has stores of energy; we are not designed to run on the fuel from our stomach and intestines. When we eat fruit, our cells can use the glucose but the fructose has to be processed by the liver. If you are hungry between meals it is because you have depleted your energy stores (which would be your glycogen if you still have visible body fat), or what you ate disrupted your hormones, restricting your access to your energy stores.

    That is a simplification of course as there can be emotional and psychological reasons, even habit, but, essentially if you are feeling hungry between meals you need to change the balance.

    I hope this helps.

  • Losing weight is about eating less calories than you need, and initially hunger can be a problem until you get into the swing of it 😊 Whilst I agree with Concerned I think if munching on fruit and veg sticks helps you cope with temptation then that's a good strategy molly777 😊

    Good luck!

  • I'm sorry for going on a bit about this, I wanted to point out that hunger isn't always about lack of energy. If you feel weak, unable to concentrate and unable to do your weight training then your glycogen may be depleted, but, sometimes if you don't have those symptoms it may be that you are lacking vitamins, minerals or protein. Protein particularly can be peculiar because a palm size or less at most meals is more than enough for most. It shouldn't be underestimated because it keeps us satiated between meals even though ideally it isn't being used for fuel. That said, we shouldn't overemphasise it or it can lead to premature ageing as do too many carbs.

    Some people even mistake thirst for hunger.

  • It's a complex thing isn't it? Like yourself, I've done a lot of research, and especially like to videos you posted "the skinny on obesity" I think it demonstrated very clearly about the effects of too much insulin.

    But when I first started I didn't really understand it all, and was battling to get through each day eating the right balance of nutrients without going over on my calories, and can appreciate how difficult it is for newbies.

  • Ummm. Lots to think about. I know I don't dink enough water!! Do you think I should drink a lot more water to help me adjust to the low calorie diet regime and will it help with the hunger. I am so focused on weighing everything and counting the calories. I have only gone over my 1400 once in the week. When I am at work I feel the need to have that bit of fruit or veg. At home on the weekends I can manage without. Perhaps, I must be more conscious of the need to nibble at work!!

    Thanks for the advice


  • There's a huge amount of 'advice' on the Internet molly777 and, as Anna61 says, a lot for newbies to take in.

    Water is essential for our bodies (personally I don't like drinking it and have diluted sugar free squash instead). Also, as Concerned says, sometimes when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty, so if it's in between meals, then a glass of water and wait half an hour, should let you know if it is really hunger.

    The main thing which I try to do is listen to my body and trust that when it needs carbs, protein, etc. it will let me know. Everyone's different and what suits one may not suit another.

    Good luck

    Mouse 🐭

  • I like water with pure lime or lemon juice in. Am gonna try the drinking water approach. Thanks mouse.


  • I've just started today too. I'm very excited

  • Yes, today is the first day for me to start the plan. My visitors have left and my fridge has been emptied. I have 2.2stone to lose before March 2017 and I am determined to do it. Family group photos this weekend have made me look enormous and then I realised it was true!

  • Hi everyone , well going ok so far . Quite enjoying the sun and warmth so salads it is . I roasted a Butternut squash last night , never done it whole before and wow mega impressed . There so hard to peel and you waste loads but this way is easy. Literally place it on a baking tray as it is , no need to prick , cook on 200 for about 45mins I left a bit longer as walked the dog . When I got it out all the skin was crinkly, I placed a tea towel over it and stuck a knife in to release any air but it was fine. I cut both ends off peeled the skin, cut in half length ways scraped the seeds out , and you have a lovely healthy meal . I had it with salad , red pepper hummus cole slaw and mango and chilli sauce absolutely yum

  • Sounds yum. I brought one this week and was pondering what to do with it. Now I know. Thanks for the idea.


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