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Here we go again- me versus curry

The said curry was a homemade mild lamb vindaloo- and as my hard to please son said 'this is actually quite nice' !

It was actually flipping lovely - I was reasonably restrained - no nan bread and v small portion of rice - half a pound on- Tis ok. Mr SB who was v greedy and went all in 2 pounds on :-)

Today I will be saint like ......

Roast pheasant stuffed with pate wrapped in bacon.....I will have the smallest portion and lots of veg:-)

Hopefully - happy weigh-in tmoz:-)

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There are nice Indian style salads you can accompany your curries with. ShellieL did a great post a while back with a slaw that I still make, really moreish with ground peanuts and chilli. These delicious flavours don't necessarily have to result in lbs gained :)


:-) check out my new post- dedicated to you😂

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Hi Suzy,

Really great to hear your curry was flipping lovely - that sounds really good!!! :-) Mmmm, your lunch or dinner today sounds delicious!

Look forward to catching up with you in the weigh-in tomorrow - good luck for then!

Lowcal :-)


I am on the case - off to gym👣

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Sounds good suzybenj We had an Indian Restaurant meal last night with friends which is always a calorie minefield! 1 poppadom, shared a scallop starter with hubby and main course tandoori chicken tikka which came with salad, all washed down with 2 g & slimline tonics. Was all delicious and not sky high cals so a great night out all round :)

Enjoy the gym!


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