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The smallest of things make you happy

Hi Everyone,

I know there are men on this site but well I just need to share this.

I went for a bra fitting today at M&S gone from a 36dd to a 34e with room, tried a 32f it fitted but I was not totally happy with it but I reckon in about 6wks it will fit perfectly.

Yay nice lacy fancy ones, only down size is alot of what I like come with wires not worn one of them in about 37yrs.

Also my size 10 jeans fitted ok but would be more comfortable when they sit on my hips better which will come when more of my belly (sugar belt) goes.

Bought some wellies today the same brand has I already have but old ones size 4 new size 3.

Yay good day.

Good luck to all


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Hi Wendy,

Really great - all those changes really can help make you feel good, can't they?

Wishing you a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Awesome result, well done, or should that be welly done!! (lol, sorry, couldn't resist)

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Hi Wendy, well done on moving down through the sizes. I got measured 2 weeks ago, 32F same as you. Dont get too excited - the choice of bra in that size is minimal to say the least. All the bras i like either start at 34 or finish at DD! Lol, never happy 😁😧

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I have also lost the boobs! Which is no problem because as my neighbour said when I just popped round without a bra and apologise (I was about to have a shower postLBT) it's nice to be able to go without one! My feet seem to have got bigger! I think it's the bunions.... have to think about them, very annoying, lot of nice shoes can't wear.

Is that what the tyre is? A sugar belt? It could be. I have a lot less, but it's still there... the sugar, i.e. booze (failing on the dry September already!); the odd late night Crunchie; found a packet of biscuits with two left..... (hid the other full pack!) - having said all that, was the lowest I've been this morning - if I can just hold it off till Monday!!


It stores all kinds of sugar/fat natural or otherwise. One of the trainers at the gym said 'only way to getnrid is cut even the natural sugar down to a minimum, no matter how many squats, sit up etc you do it won't help unless you cut the sugar' to which 3 of us in his class gave a big moan ' oh no we love our fruit'.


Well done, I've got a couple of new smaller nighties and yesterday I chopped off 4 inches from my uniform belt, a quiet morning. I've got a couple of holes to go before I have to chop more off but I am so chuffed. One of my colleagues was amazed and so pleased for me.

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