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Suzie here. Just signing in to let everyone know that I'm still around & haven't fallen off the edge of the world :) the wagon yes big time!!! Weighed myself this morning & I have been the same weight now for about a month (15st 8Lbs), so I'm looking at it as positively as I can, a maintain for a few weeks. I now have next year's holiday sorted out & I have just under 42 weeks to do some real damage. Its an all inclusive 11 day spa break in Spain, very swish so I really don't want to go looking like a hippo! Finding it hard to find any motivation though, so, once again, I am going to make a huge effort to post on a regular basis. Will join in the Monday afternoon weigh in next Monday.

Onwards and Downwards x

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Hi Suzie54,

Well done for maintaining your weight for the past month, and it's great that you've got a lovely holiday sorted out for next year. You've got lots of weeks before then, and that is great, as you can make some excellent progress in that time.

Great to hear you're planning to join us for the Monday weigh-in, and it will be lovely to have you on board with us.

Onwards and downwards,

Lowcal :-)

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Glad to see you've got your determined head on again Suzie and well done for maintaining for so long! That's a real achievement! :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the monday weigh-in :)

Onwards and downwards! :)


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