Nurse's Appointment Postponed - Feel Adrift

I had a 'phone call this morning to say that my appointment with the nurse tomorrow would have to be postponed due to illness, so it is now in nine days time.

For those who read my first post, you will know that I feel conflicted between the 12 week plan here, and the quite strict guidelines given by my nurse, and I was really looking forward to sorting this out tomorrow - as in, quite literally thinking "this time tomorrow", "just one more day".

So now, I have to be patient and wait to resolve this I guess. In the meantime .......


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5 Replies

  • Oh how frustrating for you 😕 I suppose all you can do is try to eat healthily until you see her next week, maybe start keeping a food diary in practice for 12 week plan 😊

  • I know how frustrating that can be but recently I have realised how dependent I have become on the "expert" opinion for all sorts of things. I don't know your background but unless it is guidance on duet due to specific health issues then might I suggest you gird your loins (if anything like mine it might be difficult. ;-) ) and actually mamakeup your own mind? You will make most progress I believe following the regime that you feel most comfortable with. If it doesn't seem to be working after a reasonable amount of time - again your choice - then you can try something different. The world will not come crashing down around you!! The whole point is to do something rather than waiting for permission from an expert! Must point out that obviously I'm not one of those and indeed have no real idea but if only I listened to my own words to others I might be actually losing some weight here!!!! :-):-):-) Good luck and please don't fret!

  • Thanks for that Marylou54

    To be honest, my problem is that I felt the advice of my nurse was too restrictive - and my calculations suggest that following her regime has had me averaging around 700 calories per day, so I was all set to discuss whether this was healthy or not.

    As this is connected with hospital requirements, I am just not sure if there could have been something in the notes from the hospital that I am not aware of. Hence my feeling adrift.

    Quite a lot more on my original post.

  • Obviously you need to heed advice - can't find my way round all the posts so please forgive me if I hadn't "looked you up" !! Hope all goes well though - shall be sending positive thoughts at least!

  • No worries. I am usually lost here. Perhaps I should change my name.

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