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Struggling to calorie count

hiya , I've had a fab first day , managed to keep a list all day of everything that I've date , googled most of the things I've eaten , for example pitta bread , apples, skimmed milk, tea, coffee, sugar, ham, veg etc. Anyway. I'm struggling to count the cals in my homemade dinner I'm cooking tonight, I'm making beef bolognaise sauce from scratch , using lean beef , tin toms, stock cube, onion, peppers, mushrooms, etc the kids will have it with brown pasta and so will my partner. I'm planning on having a small portion with only a tiny amount of brown pasta and loads of salad, can anyone help me to work out the cals in my home cooking please? Thank you xxx

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Get the calorie content from the tin tomatoes, use the NHS calorie counter to get the mince ,stock cubes don't count and onions etc will all be found in the NHS counter on here. I make homemade veggie dishes all the time it is easy to work out .Goodluck.


ok great thanks 😊


I use an online calorie counter from Nutracheck - it is free for the first week only. They allow you to tot up a recipe and then the computer works out how much a portion is if you tell it how many portions you intend to divide the recipe into. This program will save your favourite recipes so you don't have to count them every time. I found this program very useful (and it also has an App for your phone) during my 6 months of weight loss.

My saved recipes for a courgetti bolognese and another for a pasta bake worked out at between 270 and 350 cals for a portion, if that is any help?

It is interesting too how since I have stopped using the site regularly, my weight has stayed the same for some weeks! It does make you weigh and measure properly, which is what I know I need to get back to doing.

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DartmoorDumpling that's fab! Thank you, I will have a look now xx


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