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Hi losers (no need to reply if that offends you as no offence is meant by it)

I am after ideas where I can encourage members of my group to go above and beyond to try and boost weight loss. I don't like the biggest weekly loser as someone like me who was 25st can lose more pounds a week than someone whom is only a few pounds overweight yet they would lose more in percentage terms.

I do an exercise one to encourage people to get out and walk, run, golf etc and offer a gold, silver and bronze medal inspired by the Olympics but I've been informed by members here that it might not be inclusive especially to those that may not be so mobile so do you or are you able to suggest an alternative to exercise at all please as I want to include as many people as possible.

Thank you

Loser Gary

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Hi Gary. Could you encourage your members to take a familiar recipe but give it a healthy twist? For instance, team slimpickings have had " Shepherd's pie" but slimpicking's style!! I used 5% low fat mince, a tin of tomatoes, an onion, green lentils and courgette. Then I sliced some par boiled new potatoes with a scattering of parsley on the top. No need for mash with butter, milk and salt. It was lovely and they all ate it, including a fussy teenager. It's a thought and it is inclusive. Nice sharing activity and your members will build up a portfolio of healthier recipes. Xx


Thank you slimpickings. I like the idea of a bake off where we could bring in and have a taste off. Thank you for such a good idea. We could have blind tastings and go from there. A medal for the winner.


It is inclusive and will provide your members with a practical resource. Tastings are a social event too. Win win me thinks!! Xx

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I've been wracking my brain since you posted this dadtoad and suddenly remembered Super's challenge, which is "Say yes to the dress" and wondered if you could do your own version of that? Get each of your members to find an item of clothing that's one size too small for them and see who can fit into theirs soonest.

Sueper got us to measure the gape, so you could do that and compare measurements, until someone's able to fit into their outfit :)

Hope this is of use to you :)

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