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I'm ok with the eating healthily bit, but I find it difficult fitting exercise into my day. By the time I get home from work all I want to do is relax a bit. I did used to go to the gym at lunchtime, but where I work now there isn't one near and I get a shorter lunch break. I do try and get out for a 20 minute walk every lunch time, and I do try to do something when I get home, but it is hard to squeeze everything in. Any tips?


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8 Replies

  • I think your lunchtime walk is a great start!

    I knew when I started that I didn't want to commit to going to the gym long term, so I have tried to make sustainable changes.

    What I did was add walking everywhere I could into my day. If you drive to work, park further away (I get two miles walking a day like that). If you use public transport, maybe get off a stop earlier if that's possible.

    If I want to talk to someone in the office, I get up and go to them. If they're on a different floor, even better! I use the stairs at work rather than the lift. Using the stairs everywhere (even when I'm parked on the 8th floor of a multi-storey) has made a huge difference.

    When I go to the supermarket, I park as far away as it's possible to be. I walk around all the aisles even though I know I won't pick anything up in most of them.

    March on the spot for 30/60 minutes while watching your favourite TV show. (Have a look at the Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube for some ideas about ways to get more of a work out walking on the spot).

    You can even try jogging on the spot while cleaning your teeth or dancing while you're cooking dinner :)

    Whatever your routine, there have to be a few places where you can do a bit more walking.

  • Ooh! I love the idea of marching on the spot. I'm sure I can fit 15 minutes of that in a day. Thanks.

  • I bought an exercise bike and use it when watching catch up telly. I can do 15 km during a half hour programme. Xx

  • I can't really add much to the great advice you've already been given, but food for thought - 15 minutes brisk walking on the spot 🚶 = 1 mile, everyone has 15 minutes to spare to get fit 😊

  • I've managed to up my exercise by adding in teeny weeny bits every week. Three times a week I do 25 toe stands - good for strengthening the ankle and the calf muscles. You only hold for a second so in about half a minute you could have done 30. You can do them anywhere you don't really need a chair to hold on to - you could do them waiting for a bus or when you're stuck in a queue. I do them on a bottom step and let my heels fall below the step - nirvana after a run!

  • I find that a pedometer inspires me to do that little bit more activity during my working day

  • Yes, I second that 😊 I've got a jawbone Up move after recommendation from @caz28, from Amazon £15. Exercise can then become part of a 'normal' day and not something we have to do 'as well as' going to work. Just incorporating moving more into your day, taking stairs, parking furthest away in the car park, bending, squatting and stretching whilst waiting for photocopier etc leg raises whilst sitting at your desk, going up and down stairs in the adverts whilst watching tv . . . You will be amazed how soon you get to 10,000 steps 😊

  • I had been considering a pedometer type affair, but wasn't sure how reliable they were. But I think I can safely invest some of my birthday money in something that will benefit me. Thanks guys.

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