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Weight loss a full time job

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SoonIwontbesofat2021 November

Anyone else feel like losing the lb is a full time job? The amount of time spent calorie counting, portion controlling, checking you're doing enough exercise to make it count....if only could be paid the same way as time spent working it'd be far easier

Disappointed in myself this month for undoing the gains but pleased they weren't more.

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I know what you mean, which is why I don't count anything. Small plates, healthy food, limited snacking and don't expect super fast weight loss have worked for me. None of those take any time at all. I was always going to walk and eat😊.

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I agree with slipstick . You need to find a way of eating that will suit you for life and all that counting and balancing exercise against intake is just a nightmare. Can you really see yourself doing that in 10 years time? Or even 10 weeks?

Here's a simple plan that doesn't involve any counting phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

And here's a GP's blog that includes a sample week's meal plans: see if that inspires you (again, no counting) fatismyfriend.co.uk/

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I don't bother calorie counting or portion control, just eat the right foods. Nothing with added sugar, nothing made with wjeat flour and no fruit juice.

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Having a healthier lifestyle is as a full time job as is not having one. You are trading negative feelings such as feeling guilty, stupid and unattractive for feelings that you are more in control. If CC and exercise are your thing to loose weight then stick with it and enjoy the rewards of losing weight and feeling healthier. We all have blips/off days or weeks. Dust yourself off and be determined to get to your target weight. Remind yourself of how far you have come and be proud of your achievements.

I lost mine with Slimming world and having the scare of pre diabetes was enough to make me stick to the plan. I still had times when things didn't quite pan out but, I got to my target and still feel I eat loads, just different amounts of less calorie dense foods such as salad and veg, no white processed carbs such as white rice, I have wholegrain rice instead and I gave up white potatoes for sweet potatoes. I was already wheat and dairy free so, no need to cut them .

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elliebathMaintainer in reply to Bee-bop

Well said Bee-bop A long term maintainer such you/me will always say " whatever the effort involved, it is always worth it". But I do understand that for many people, after that first rush of weightloss enthusiasm, finding a long term plan for good health can seem very daunting.


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Bee-bopMaintainer in reply to elliebath

Yes,I agree, it can seem a bit of a slog to get to a long term plan but, as you say the effort is worth the long term benefits 👍

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hjskev1st 7lbs

Hi I use myfitnesspal.com food diary. to count calories. Once you get used to it it takes seconds to fill in. My diary is available for friends to view. If you decide to use it. I'm happy to be your friend :)) For me its worth doing because some foods are surprisingly high in calories. In the end its all about calories in and energy out. Good luck. I hope you can find what's right for you.

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elliebathMaintainer in reply to hjskev

hjskev I think a lot of successful maintainers around the world would agree with you about 'myfitnesspal'. I'm still using it after six years, certainly not religiously , not every day, and not everything in my diary is healthy . But it is an honest diary, takes me 5 mins , and keeps me from wandering too far off track weight-wise. As you say, especially useful with new food products, new recipes and even restaurant dishes, which can be full of hidden surprises! However it's not necessarily all about calories in & out, our body metabolism will react differently to different food types, so a balanced diet is always going to be the most successful.

Completely agree with you, OP, and find it extremely hard to lose weight without careful calorie counting. I am easily led astray by judging portion sizes by eye and tend to fall off the wagon quickly. I don't have any easy answers, I'm afraid! I tend to use my Fitbit's calorie counting function in the app, which syncs with its estimates of how many calories expended per day, but it's clunky in comparison to MyFitnssPal, which has a much better database of UK foods.

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You might try watching Dr. Jason Fung online. He has a completely different approach. No counting, no portion size. He gets into the physiology of weight loss, so you understand it.

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