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Falling back into old habits

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi Everyone,

Today was a day of meeting oneself coming back from the moment I woke up to 7pm.

Dog walk, shopping, vets, more dog walk, housework, washing, going to pick my Uncle up taking him shopping giving him his tea and then taking him home.

I found that I had little time to eat properly so it was grab and go and yes it was biscuits, a piece of chocolate (reeses), piece of husband maderia cake and packet of crisps. Only at 5pm did I eat a proper meal and I'am so hungry so have hidden everything out of reach. Last time I do that.

Hope everyone is doing well on their task of losing weight and getting fit.

Good luck


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Crimson85j3 stone

I find if I'm having a busy day you can still have a quick treat like snack without going off goal. My usuals are peanut butter and low sugar jam sandwich on brown bread, nuttela and banana on a slice of brown toast or a pack of ready to eat roast chicken. All yummy and still good going x x


Sounds like you've had a busy day! Try and have healthy and nutritious things to hand when you are short on time. Bananas are always satisfying and I love it with Skyr yoghurt, filling too. Banana and bran cake is good, I make it, slice it and freeze it, when I know I'm going to be dashing around I get a piece out of the freezer ready to just grab.

Ruby81 stone
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Good idea with the slices of healthy cake in the freezer...

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Hidden1 stone
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Weetabix cake is good also. Very filling 😀

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