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Scoring points with family..... and saving money

We had the Hairy bikers Lambs Liver low cal recipe yesterday and it was a great hit with the family. I just doubled the quantities. (450g to 900g) If you like Liver, it is really cheap at £4/Kg and I could fee a family of 6 with goodsized portions on a baked potato with some salad on the side. Great Sunday meal:)

According to my hubby he likes these guys' recipes because they make "real food" heheh:)

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I agree with you, Mammou! I love the fact that they're not cooking diet food, just real food in a clever way! Don't know what I'm going to do when I have to take the cookbooks back to the library. Guess I know what to ask for at Christmas. :)

My husband really likes their recipes as well.

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There you go, you can start you Christmas list early and really enjoy your gifts this year:)


Sounds really yummy Mammou 😆

Really like their recipes real food thats low calories! Win win 👍

Glad your family liked it too xx

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