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I've lost another 3lbs on the second week of a sort of South Beach diet. I eat more fat (more olive oil, avocadoes and nuts) and a bit less meat than he suggests but it seems fine. That's just what my digestion likes. I'm not hungry and have plenty of energy. And I'm enjoying my food. The disadvantages are it is more expensive than diets with more carbs and it means much more time on food preparation because I have to make lunch boxes for work.

I'm doing a sort of protein wrap at the moment for a snack. It's an omelette cooked thin and let go cold. Then I fill this with salad and roasted veg and roll it up like a wrap. Half for midmorning snack and half for afternoon.

My salad today for lunch was strawberries (don't knock it!), avocado, salad leaves, grilled chicken, a few chickpeas, a few sunflower seeds with french dressing.

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That protein wrap sounds amazing , definitely trying that !


Your eating plan sounds wonderful - they are all such good healthy foods - well done. Ooh and nuts.. Lidl do some great bags of nuts and they're cheaper - I have plain cashews and the walnuts. They're very good :-)

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Glad to hear it's working for you. Good health from good food is worth paying for.


Sounds Yummy! Will have a look at this diet


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