Day 1

Hi all. i'm new on here - today is Day 1 for my weight loss. Aiming to lose around 3 stone. I don't like diets as such, so just looking at creating healthier eating patterns. I don't tend to eat much sweet stuff but I do like bread and cheese!

Also I have signed up for the Couch Potato to 5k and also have found a local fitness club that do a range of exercise classes, so there is something for everyone whatever your fitness level.

So looking forward to getting to know others on here and sharing tips and support.

Carol :-)


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  • Hi Day one for me is Monday (shopping being delivered) i also have more of a savoury tooth best of luck and i hope your first week goes well, xx

  • Thank you. Best of luck to you too xx

  • Hi Carol, Couch Potato to 5k is a great programme I still remember Laura, she was the voice to guide you through on your podcasts. This is a great group send a message is anything comes up.

  • Hi Curlyann I'm a newbie as well and it is my third day. Well done for starting the 12 weeks plan 😊

  • Thank you both. I did my first run/walk today and can't believe how unfit I have become. I didn't have the music just the visual telling me what to do next but I've now downloaded the podcast so hopefully the next one will be more motivating :-)

  • Good luck! Couch to 5K is a great way to improve your fitness.

  • HI Curlyann,

    Welcome to the NHS weight loss forum, and I'd like to wish you lots of success with your goals. Do have a read of our Welcome newbie post - if you fancy a good read - it's in the Pinned posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage).

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Curlyann

    Well done on drawing that line in the sand. Please try if possible not to diet but to make very sensible changes to your eating habbits. Swap white potato for sweet, white rice for brown or wild, pasta for whole wheat, ditch some sugar especially in drinks and as you are doing, some exercise. Aim for 1lb a week with 4 weeks off a year for parties, birthdays and actual life....

    That would give a 48lb loss a year. It has taken you your whole life to get to where you are today. Don't try to lose it quickly. Sit down and look deeply into yourself to try and find out why you comfort eat. Then deal with that problem as if you don't change why, then once you've lost your weight you will probably go and put it all back on again......

    Here is a video I made about the difference in calories. I was 25 stone, alcoholic and at the end of my road. It was only when I faced up to my demons, tackled my problems then I was able to lose over 10 stone but maintain that weight loss.

    Good luck and keep posting and check out youtube for inspirational videos especially on weight loss and health. Good luck with the 5k but I will say you are going down a long long long road. One day, hopefully soon you will be thinking of running, reading about running, dreaming of running, wondering when you'll be able to go out for a quick run on the sly. It is so addictive and the high you get is just fantastic. One tip on running though. If you cannot hold a full conversation then you are going far too fast....... You want to finish a run thinking about when you can get your arse back out that door and not, bloody hell that almost killed me, type of run.....

  • Welcome curlyann - all the best on your journey. You are in excellent company. This is such a supportive forum. I run a couple of challenges on here - one that is weight related (Autumn Equinox) and one that is exercise related (Kilometre Zero). You can join them at any time - you'll see the recent threads in the 'Pinned Posts'.


  • Thank you. I will make sure I have a look.

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