Week 1 Disappointment

Morning All, Well week 1 attacked with gusto! 2 stone to lose, currently I am weighing in at 12 stone. 30 minutes swimming before work every morning and calories counted religiously. Minimum 8 large glasses of water drunk each day! ( I honestly feel as though I have drunk an equal amount of water that is in the swimming pool). I do not normally exercise and am partial to an odd biscuit! None at all this week and only 2 glasses of rose at the weekend which I counted into my calorie intake. How much have I lost??? a big fat ZERO! I will try again this week but maybe I am just destined to stay fat. Good luck to the rest of you, some of you sound like you are doing fantastically! Keep it up!


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11 Replies

  • Oh how disappointing for you Hopefull1959 😕 But please don't despair, there are lots of reasons for the scales not showing a loss, the most likely that you have swapped fat for muscle, which is great as it is smaller so you may have lost inches, plus muscle uses more calories 😊 Also bear in mind some people (like me!) don't lose weight in a linear pattern, slow slow quick quick slow!! Lol 😊

    If you are following the plan the fat will shift, trust me 😊 Good luck next week 😊

  • Oh.. I know your disappointment, we have all been there.

    I read something once and i thought it was great.. it was how we lose weight from Head to Toe.

    You need to think of weight lose from Head to Toe,

    1 weeks - cleanses your mind and skin

    2 weeks - you should notice a difference in your digestion and appetite

    3 weeks - you should start to feel the difference in your clothes ( Ladies say they notice their chest first, Men notice there thighs)

    It takes 6 weeks for friends and family to see a difference.

    Carry on!! and I wouldn't worry about the scales so... much!

    Just ... care for yourself and pat yourself on the back after every exercise.

    I have 2 stone to lose too... Wishing you lots of Luck!!

  • Yes it's really annoying but i think it takes two weeks for changes to show.

  • That's even better then :0)

  • Thank you! x

  • We all know that feeling! Sounds as if you are in the zone so just keep with it and you will soon be in the 11's ! Good luck!

  • Do not despair ....just remember it is all a question of mathematics and as long as you have less calories coming in (food ) than the number of calories going out (activity) , you will (albeit slowly) be losing body fat.

    But what the scales say is not necessarily the first , I bet in another week or so you'll feel a difference in your face, waist or somewhere.

    Some weeks nothing, some weeks more, but a slower loss is more likely to stay off long term. I lost my 2st slowly over ten months but have kept it all off for fifteen month.

  • Don't believe the scales. According to mine I've put on 1.2K in a day!

  • That is a lot of cake!!!

  • I've not had any!

  • Hi hopefull.

    Firstly you really need to sit down and look at your calorie intake. Make sensible swaps. Wholegrain bread instead of white, brown or wild rice instead of white, wheat pasta instead of white, soy or almond milk in your cereal instead of milk, ditch the sugar in drinks. You took your whole life to be where you are now so don't expect the weight to come off fast either.

    As for exercise, swimming is great but if you are just slowly going up and down the pool then you are wasting your time in the pool. You need to be going at a pace, and this is for all exercise, that raises your heart rate and that you can actually hear yourself breathing. You should be able to hold a full conversation throughout your exercise, pretty hard in a pool I know, but that gives you an idea of how hard you should be going.

    I run a group where I live to help people lose weight without going on a diet. Here is my video for this week. Have a look. See if it helps you any and above all good luck and stay focused. I've lost 145lbs and kept it off.

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