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Feeling the heat

Don't know how may others feel about this heatwave but when I read about it coming a few days ago I dreaded it as I've really struggled with very hot days. It is so bad I've ducked out of planned business meetings and social events because I know I will be perspiring copiously and will be seriously uncomfortable and very very self conscious. I've always put it down to my irregular heart beat as it seemed to get bad soon after I was diagnosed and it is known to affect some people this way. Surely me being obese had nothing to do with it!

So on Saturday we went for a number of walks in the first real heat of the summer and I was ready with a hand towel and light weight clothes that don't show the sweat too much. I found I wasn't struggling as much as I expected. I was perspiring but not profusely. On Sunday I did 4.5 hours of walking and in the evening went to the air conditioning free theatre and it was steaming! But I was more comfortable than I thought I would be, still not great but if it had been 12 months ago I know I wouldn't have made it and would have ducked out at the half time interval. Yesterday I went out off the cool office and walked to the shops, hot doesn't describe it (36C on the car readout) but again I seemed ok.

I still have the irregular rhythm and still take the same medication. All that has changed is I've lost 15kg since last summer most of it in the last 9 weeks since joining here so I'm putting it down to the weight loss and general improvement in fitness. For me this is a huge thing and if it sticks will become the prime motivation for me when times get tough even more than dropping 3 or 4 dress sizes :-)

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I love it when the temperatures go up. I think I may be part lizard! :)

I never thought about all the benefits to weighing less when I started on the plan. They always talk about health, but there are so many other things! Not that health is unimportant.... ;)

Fantastic job losing 15 kg. Here's to even less in the future. :)

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Wow! So pleased for you because apart from the weight you have lost your life is changing for the better, so congratulations, you must feel so much better and proud of yourself and you deserve to. Good luck things can only get better for you best wishes Bev👍😊


I also dread the heat, and it used to make me seriously unhappy too, especially if there were social events where you had to look good. I'd just be feeling and looking so bad. But things have also improved for me since losing weight. It's funny how you don't remember how bad it was until you're in that same situation again. I'm also coping much better with the heat this year. I think its so many factors, weight must have been one of them, but being able to wear more appropriate clothes, being generally fitter, being more disciplined about drinking enough water etc. Hope you keep feeling the benefits, and hold onto that motivation :)


Great isn't it? I'm the same, feels so much more comfortable 😊 Very well done,😊😊😊 it has taken me 10 months to lose 15 kg !!

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One word ( Ok, two words) Fantastic, congratulations!


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