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Wake up call !

When I picked up my prescription in our local chemist this morning the pharmacist asked if I had a couple of minutes to talk about my medications to see how I felt about them,did they help etc The only information on the screen was my medication record She then asked What are you doing about your weight !!! It really hit home that she wasn't looking on the screen to see my weight but asked by looking at me 😰

It really was a wake up call to me and I came out not upset but really determined that I must lose it not just because I want to look good but because it really will improve my health especially the arthritis

I've got a health check on Aug 1st and I'm so determined to lose more than the 5lbs I have already lost as the nurse will have the record of my weight from my last hospital visit up on the screen and I so want to hear her say well done ! 😇

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Swell done. Go for it :-)


You go for it Cat33 I am already seeing an improvement with my hip and less pain the more I exercise, if you download your weekly sheets why not take them in on your health check so the nurse can see and advise you on your progress so far?

Keep going even in this hot weather!🌞👍


Pin that appointment card on the fridge door! Sounds like an excellent motivator.

I found 3 unused paracetamol boxes in my kitchen drawer the other day - I had been buying a couple of packets every week and taking them daily for knee and leg pain when at my heaviest (15st 6lbs) but haven't needed to take any for some weeks now (13st current weight)....so good luck with reducing your medication, it is so worth it!


Thanks will do that I'm 14st now I was 15st 8 in 2011 so lost that but have come to a halt now This forum and all you lovely people has been the best thing ever to give me the motivation to do it x

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Hi Cat33, when you lose the weight and have cause to go back to the nurse or gp I can testify that it is a great feeling when you show up much lighter. I recently was told by my surgery that I was pre-diabetic and had to attend a clinic and a 12 week course. They based this on my weigh-in 11 months ago at 104kg and my blood sugar which was marginal. When I went to the first sign-on session I weighed 90kg and blood sugar was healthy so I was well out of "the zone" - cue ever so slight moment of smugness! :-) good luck you will do it!

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Thanks for your reply that must have been such a nice moment for you

I'm glad you were out of the zone

I'm hoping I can be smug too It's really hard to be "nagged" by health professionals I know they are right but they are always nice and slim ! 😀Nearly 2 weeks to get a bit more off

My last hospital weigh in was 95kgs I'm just slightly under 90kgs now but I'd be so chuffed to be a bit less 😀


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