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Daily pledge - Monday

Good morning all, after a very unhealthy but fabulous weekend at a hen do, I'm checking in to restate my goals.

I want to lose 7lbs in the next six weeks, and 1 stone in the next twelve weeks.

For today, I pledge to eat up to 1600kcals. I am eating out for lunch, so I will have one course only and diet drinks. A glass of wine tonight (125ml) as my treat when I get to see hubby will give me something to look forward to! I will get an early night after a soak in the bath to relax me.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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Hi Butey,

Sounds like a good plan to me and very achievable 😃 Go for it !!



Thanks Flossie! I'm very pleased I achieved all my goals today - which is most unusual! Skipped the wine as I would have been over on my calories otherwise 😊


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