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Careful of the cous cous

Oops calorie counting bloomer !

Last night in a rush to get something to eat as i was propper hungry, weighed out my cous cous before I cooked it but counted the calories for cooked cous cous.

After I had eaten it, very filling I must admit, I realised my mistake, I had just eaten about 700 calories in one bowl of cous cous.

Moral of the story, plan ahead, dont wait till you could eat a horse and then decide what to eat thats when clear thinking goes out the window.

Careful counting everyone

Nanma x

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Argh, what a pain!

I find it really confusing trying to weigh out things like cous cous, pasta, and rice. I measure them dry before cooking, then find the information on the package is for cooked. It's annoying for something that gets mixed into something else. It's really hard to weigh cooked pasta once you've mixed it in with that sauce! :(


Glad I'm not the only one getting confused x


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