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Second week might be useless


Even though I ate properly on Monday , next 2 days I left for Brusseles . I didn't respected my diet in Brusseles but maybe it will compensate with the fact that I have walked over 25 km and been walking over 25.000 steps and that was in like 10h .

Coming back yesterday was fine , I respected my diet is just that I don't feel like I will do good this week . Of course I will keep up with the diet till Sunday and I'm still in the race for 1 month no take-away but my foot is still a pain in the arse and I can't go jogging . I'm gonna increase my dancing activity which I enjoy beyond words to 60 min , I will do my 10.000 steps and I will have my 2l of water and hope for the best .

I will leave here a pic of my breakfast for the next 3 days which consist in 3 slices bread - weight watchers 50cals/slice , 4 slices of chicken ham 25cals/slice , lettuce 20cals , 2 tomatoes 44 cals , 1 boiled egg with low fat mayo - 100cals . More than enough .

And today for my late lunch I'm having salad with chicken and homemade ice-coffe .

I hope you're having a better week than mine !

Lots of love everyone

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Don't be so hard on yourself. You did a lot to compensate for slacking off on your diet, and you are back on track. You might not lose as much as you could have, but you will be alright!

PippiRuns very nice of you to say that ! I will do my best to fix it at least this week ❤️

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Roxi,

Another beautiful photo - I love seeing your packed lunches, they look really good. Very colourful. Do you ever opt for wholemeal bread? It can be really filling and tasty, I can see your bread is only 50 calories per slice, but if it was a wholemeal variety it would potentially fill you up and satisfy you a bit longer, as well as being a healthy option. Just a suggestion - I don't mean to criticise your choice by saying that, I just wondered if the bread was satisfying.

Enjoy your salad tonight, and I would like to wish you a really great week ahead, and of course a lovely weekend - as it's nearly here!

Lowcal :-)

in reply to Zest

I wouldn't even think that you're criticizing and even if you do I wouldn't be offended as some critics are verg welcome . This bread is weight watchers and very dissapointing as is thin and it feels like chewing gum but I saw it was so low calorie and I thought I should have it . Of course after finishing it I will never have it again .

I will get wholemeal bread after , thanx for the advice x

Hope you're well Zest 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

ZestHealthy BMI
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I'm doing fine Roxi, thanks! Hope you enjoy the wholemeal bread, when you get some, and glad you didn't mind my making that comment - I was wondering how that 50 calorie bread might taste, and I did think it might not be the most appetising...!

I'm off out now for a walk, and I hope you have a lovely evening yourself! :-)

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I had a good day yesterday which I'm grateful for !

Hope you have a good sleep .

It's 03:30 , I'm off to work

ZestHealthy BMI
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Have a good day, Roxi! :-)

Hi Roxi. Kingsmill do a great wholemeal bread that is crustless which makes it only 45 calories a slice. Don't really miss the crusts although it does make the sandwich a little smaller. I think it is really tasty and I guess just a little healthier. Just an idea for you to try maybe :)

Uh wow ! Never heard of something like that , thanx a lot for the tip , I know now what to do ❤️

Very interesting ! Thanx for sharing muffintop67 😘😘


you're doing great Roxi, don't be hard on yourself, the exercise you did will really help! You've had a lovely time in Brussels and now you are back on track. Keep smiling 😊

He he he Caz28 thank you so very much ❤️❤️❤️ I really hope you're well

Plofty2020 January

Don't be to hard on yourself sometimes you need a blow out eating stodge you will feel terrible afterwards but motivates to keep going.

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