Second week might be useless

Second week might be useless

Even though I ate properly on Monday , next 2 days I left for Brusseles . I didn't respected my diet in Brusseles but maybe it will compensate with the fact that I have walked over 25 km and been walking over 25.000 steps and that was in like 10h .

Coming back yesterday was fine , I respected my diet is just that I don't feel like I will do good this week . Of course I will keep up with the diet till Sunday and I'm still in the race for 1 month no take-away but my foot is still a pain in the arse and I can't go jogging . I'm gonna increase my dancing activity which I enjoy beyond words to 60 min , I will do my 10.000 steps and I will have my 2l of water and hope for the best .

I will leave here a pic of my breakfast for the next 3 days which consist in 3 slices bread - weight watchers 50cals/slice , 4 slices of chicken ham 25cals/slice , lettuce 20cals , 2 tomatoes 44 cals , 1 boiled egg with low fat mayo - 100cals . More than enough .

And today for my late lunch I'm having salad with chicken and homemade ice-coffe .

I hope you're having a better week than mine !

Lots of love everyone


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11 Replies

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. You did a lot to compensate for slacking off on your diet, and you are back on track. You might not lose as much as you could have, but you will be alright!

  • IbenCopenhagen very nice of you to say that ! I will do my best to fix it at least this week ❤️

  • Hi Roxi,

    Another beautiful photo - I love seeing your packed lunches, they look really good. Very colourful. Do you ever opt for wholemeal bread? It can be really filling and tasty, I can see your bread is only 50 calories per slice, but if it was a wholemeal variety it would potentially fill you up and satisfy you a bit longer, as well as being a healthy option. Just a suggestion - I don't mean to criticise your choice by saying that, I just wondered if the bread was satisfying.

    Enjoy your salad tonight, and I would like to wish you a really great week ahead, and of course a lovely weekend - as it's nearly here!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I wouldn't even think that you're criticizing and even if you do I wouldn't be offended as some critics are verg welcome . This bread is weight watchers and very dissapointing as is thin and it feels like chewing gum but I saw it was so low calorie and I thought I should have it . Of course after finishing it I will never have it again .

    I will get wholemeal bread after , thanx for the advice x

    Hope you're well Zest 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  • I'm doing fine Roxi, thanks! Hope you enjoy the wholemeal bread, when you get some, and glad you didn't mind my making that comment - I was wondering how that 50 calorie bread might taste, and I did think it might not be the most appetising...!

    I'm off out now for a walk, and I hope you have a lovely evening yourself! :-)

  • I had a good day yesterday which I'm grateful for !

    Hope you have a good sleep .

    It's 03:30 , I'm off to work

  • Have a good day, Roxi! :-)

  • Hi Roxi. Kingsmill do a great wholemeal bread that is crustless which makes it only 45 calories a slice. Don't really miss the crusts although it does make the sandwich a little smaller. I think it is really tasty and I guess just a little healthier. Just an idea for you to try maybe :)

  • Uh wow ! Never heard of something like that , thanx a lot for the tip , I know now what to do ❤️

    Very interesting ! Thanx for sharing muffintop67 😘😘

  • you're doing great Roxi, don't be hard on yourself, the exercise you did will really help! You've had a lovely time in Brussels and now you are back on track. Keep smiling 😊

  • He he he Caz28 thank you so very much ❤️❤️❤️ I really hope you're well

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