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As those of you know I have a new friend, my fitbit blaze. I have to say that he has been a pretty good friend so far. Encouraging and motivating. Now bear in mind that I'm a fairly large guy, 6ft 2 and just under 30 stone. I walk a fair bit each day, 9 miles on a weekend day, and am in the gym Monday-Friday for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. My fitbit friend tells me that on average that my daily calorie burn is around 3,500 calories. That seems to be really high compared to what I've been reading elsewhere but on the flip side this big body hasn't particularly been used to exercise until 7 weeks ago. Do other folks with a wee fitbit friend think that he/she is quite accurate.



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  • The reason I'm asking is that the more I get into this healthy eating, the more I want to be sure that I'm doing things right. If I'm eating 2000 calories a day and burning 3,500 a day then I'm a bit worried that my body is currently in starvation mode and that's why my weight loss is a little slow.

  • Kenny how long does it take you to walk 9 miles? Walking briskly (about 4 miles per hour) so 2.5 hours to complete 10 miles 'only' burns about 800 calories if you're an average sized bloke.

  • It takes me about 3 hours and my heart rate is showing as either fat burn or cardio burn all the way

  • I'm 5'4" and just under 11st I don't have a Fitbit but do have an app on my phone, if I walk 10,000 steps which for me is just under 5 miles it tells me I've burnt 400 calories. Is there a Fitbit website or forum where you could research it a bit as it does seem a lot!

  • Yeah thanks I will try that.

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