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Still here, and only 2cm away from the perfect dress

Hi All, I was away not away from HealthUnlocked, I was away from everything. Last week I felt miserable. Let's not even talk about it, it is over! My health is back to usual this week now so I picked up running again. I could run 10 min without a stop so I did not lose too much there. I managed to keep my weight and I have found the perfect dress for the September wedding. It arrived today and it is perfect everywhere, except (wait for it) my boobs are too big! It is size 12 from Phase 8... I need to lose about 2cm from the booby area till September. Since there are other dresses in this size in my wardrobe from before my weight gain, I am considering keeping it. (It was discounted to £49 from £165...) I think it would be a great motivator and reward in September.

As for the diet what I wanted to share that for the first time in years, I reached the mindset now when I can say NO to the second bar of chocolate....Literally, I was near the cupboard leaning towards it when in my head there was this voice: 'Are you hungry?....Why do you want to eat now?' And then I realized I was bored of the TV....

And yesterday, I saved over 200 calories, because instead of reaching for the usual sandwiches, I picked a crayfish wrap and popcorn...instinctively. It is actually becoming a habit for me to pick healthy!!!! I am really happy with this as once the 12 weeks are over, I want to stay a certain weight, and not yo-yo....

Have a lovely July peeps!

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Hi CurlyBayLeaf,

This is an incredibly inspiring post, and I'm glad you've been able to turn your mindset around this week, and that it's been a much better week - leaving last week behind and learning from it is a really good thing to do. Well done!

Great that your dress fits you so well, and you've still got plenty of time to lose more weight by September, so hopefully it will fit really well by then!

Here's to a lovely July!

Lowcal :-)


Hi CurlyBayLeaf I would definitely keep the dress it is something to aim for and doable by September. I bought a winter coat yesterday 75% off and I cannot do it up at all, at least 3inches too small but it will fit me I will keep going till it does. Well done for feeling happier this week we all have our down times and you are right the 12 week plan certainly makes you choose different foods to what you used to. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the dress fitting you in September.👍😊 Bev


Lovely uplifting and positive post 😊 Very happy for you 😊


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