Hitting it Hard

Well i'm Back to it, as most of you know im also ways back and forth when it comes to updating progress, well recently ive got to the place where its all going well and it seems right,,,, after so many failed attempts and blips this time WILL be the one where i succeed, When i decided to start my lifestyle change i was sad and big but now things have changed... and today i faced the scales (which i only do when i feel is right maybe monthly)

Start Weight - 19st 12lbs

Current Weight - 16st 8lbs

Total lose - 3st 4lbs

:D :D :D

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  • Hi Rjay95,

    Wow, Congratulations!!! You're doing really well - losing a total of 3 stone 4 pounds, that's incredible! Really well done, and I bet you're looking and feeling so much better.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done! That's a great achievement 😊 Keep up the good work

  • Well done 😀 that's a massive achievement 👍keep on going you've got a good attitude to succeed 🎉

  • That's fantastic well done :)

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