belly-bone piercing

Dear Community,

thanks who those who commented my yesterday's post. I got so many nice ideas about I could celebrate when I get my BMI below 25. Many thanks to everyone.

I made my mind up and I decided to get a belly-bone piercing done. I'll be going to the studio to talk to them on Sat. I've been always dreaming this kind of piercing but it wouldn't have been nice with a pregnant woman tommy. My tommy is almost flat right now and I' can't wait to get it done. Really looking forward.

I'll be posting picture next week

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  • good for you in achieving it in any event!! thats whats MOST important! ( and keeping it off - here couch to 5k works well!!)

  • I never began the 5K programme. I have 2 personal trainers at the gym who've been making me sweat hot blood! Abs every other days.

  • main point is/was the exercise will help you keep the weight off x

  • Woohoo Teresina, wtg you! Can't wait to see the pic! :)

  • soo looking forward!!!

  • I'll bet! :)

  • Well done thats a great idea.

    I hadnt thought about it, I cant wait to use mine again!! I hope its not closed up i must admit its been a few years (8ish) since ive had one in! A while togo till its piercing ready again, but if you can do it so can i!!

  • everyone can!!! if you used to have one it'll be easier for you to remake it. good luck

  • Go you:-). I love mine - even tho I have been through an operation on my tummy- I was very keen to make sure I could re- instate it as soon as I could :-)

    Takes a while to heal- so bear with...

    Wish my tummy was flat tho.....


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