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Hello everyone. I could use some wise words of wisdom. I have been on and off this forum for a while and I know I'm not making the most of it and using it to help me reach my weight loss goals (which I have made NO progress on in the last 6 months). I just wondered how other people have used it to be successful. For example how often do you post? I realise this will be different for different people, but I know my once in a blue moon approach is unsuccessful. Also how often do you check in and read other's? I'm not stressing yet, but am getting fed up with myself and know I need a new approach to get on the right track. Thank you for any advice and good luck to you all. Gemma xx


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7 Replies

  • I have only been on the weight loss forum for two weeks but before that on the c25K running forum for at couple of months. I check in every day to read other people's posts and respond to them, and I post something myself maybe twice a week. Both fora inspire me.

  • Thank you. I think that is a good idea. At least it will keep me busy and away from the wine!

  • Hi, I'm on week 9 and this form has been a great help to me. I check in once or twice a day and read posts and respond to the ones I think I have something helpful to say. Reading other people's success stories inspires and motivates me. So it's win, win! I post when I have something I want to share, no set rule. I sometimes post photos of scenes I see when taking my walks and someone told me it encourages them to get out there and excercise, which was lovely. Everyone helps each other on here. My advice to you would be to check the BMI calculator to get your correct calorie allowance to lose weight and then keep a food/excercise diary and record everything and to join the Monday weigh-in on here, it's great motivation to stick to healthy eating and healthy living. Good luck!

  • Hi GemmaMeb,

    I think it depends on what is most motivating for you - but I find it extremely motivating and I check in here most days, and I post regularly. I have been leading the Monday weigh-in group for over 3 years, and that is how keen I am on it - it's helped me to lose weight and stay within a healthy BMI now for the past 2 years. I was obese when I first joined the forum.

    I hope you'll join us, if you think a weekly weigh-in might motivate you. There are also some Challenges in the Pinned posts area, which are good fun - the Pinned posts area is the top right-hand-side of the homepage.

    I'd recommend following the NHS 12 week plan, and maybe have a read of our Re-boot post - you'd need to click on 'view more' in the Pinned posts as it's currently hidden there, but it might be helpful to read. Also the Welcome Newbie post is really inspirational and has many motivational posts by forum members.

    I really hope you'll have further success in your weight loss goals, Gemma.

    Enjoy the rest of Sunday in the meantime.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal. I have been dipping in and out and know about the great work you have done! I suppose the more you put in, the more personalised the forum feels. Huge congratulations to you and your achievements. I will make a determined effort this week to stay more in touch with everyone. Have a good week. Gemma x

  • We can't exercise and be on forums at the same time. I just jump on a couple of times a week. Sometimes I post on here for help and it's so great when people are there to offer advice. Please tell us why you are not sucessful and maybe we could help.

  • Hi jjgilb. Thank you for your reply and sorry for taking so long to respond.... Somehow I missed your message. My main downfall is alcohol, crisps when drinking alcohol and picking at anything really. This past week I have been a bit better on the food front, but not the alcohol. So for next week I am pledging not to drink for a week and could do with any advice / distraction ideas out there if you have any going? Hope you are having a good week.


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