Hello all! I'm a newbie so be gentle with me. I wanted to pick your brains. Like most people these days, time is of the essence. I work full-time between 1pm and 10pm. What the heck am I supposed to eat to lose weight!? I currently eat cereal for brekkie and have a couple of sandwiches through the day with baked crisps. I don't think I'm eating a lot but I do have bread covered in seeds (wholemeal) so that probably doesn't help. I'm not an overly fussy eater but I need food that is quick to prepare and filling as I don't want my belly rumbling at work! Any help or ideas would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.😊


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  • Welcome starpsycho,

    It depends on what your current weight is and how much weight you would like to lose.

    The alarm bells started ringing when you said you have a couple of sandwiches during the day. It depends what you put inside them of course but 4 slices of bread adds up to a few calories. And ditch the crisps too :-)

    If you have not done so already then start to weigh out what you eat and count the calories up. You will not have to worry about going hungry during the day then as you will know you are keeping to your allowance, take some fruit or nuts to snack on but be careful with the nuts! Again read the nutrition on the back of the packet, probably just 25gms would be ok.

    Planning is the key with the 12 week plan and it does work, I have lost 3 stones since january - John

  • Thanks for replying. Yeah, you're probably right with the bread...I just don't know what else to have that fills the hole and is quick to prepare without a lot of faff! Fillings are usually turkey or chicken though which is ok as far as I know. I would like to shift two stone if possible and get back to 10 stone. You have done brilliantly so I guess it's possible then!?

  • Hi starpsycho πŸ˜€ welcome to this very friendly and helpful forum. I started the nhs12wk plan 16 wks ago and have lost over 11/2 stones so it is definitely possible.

    I would suggest having a good filling nutritious breakfast such as porridge, topped with fruit and some seeds. Then have a good lunch before work such as a baked potato or wholemeal pasta with tuna/chicken & veg. Then have a snack such as a small sandwich at work or hummous and veg sticks. Mix it up a little.

    Have you checked your calorie allowance on the nhs bmi calculator? Check this and then don't go over your allowance. I was recently told that if you under eat your body goes into starvation mode and doesn't burn fat!!

    Are you calorie counting? A useful tool is myfitnesspal. Log all your food and drink on here and be truthful to get results.

    Try and follow the plan, low fat, low sugar, wholemeal swaps and veg and fruit to snack. And drink plenty as your body confuses hunger and thirst.

    Move as much as possible. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise and with a little strength exercises (squats etc) will help to tone you up.

    Good luck. Claire x

  • Hi Claire. Thanks so much for the reply. All good advice. I shall download the calorie counting app tomorrow..that'll be my first day having a go at this thing! My job is quite physical so I suppose I've never fancied the idea of a load of food sloshing around inside me while working. That's how I got the sandwich habit! Perhaps if I eat a little earlier it might work. I drink water...lots of water all the time, hardly have anything else actually except a cuppa in the morning, though I guess my two spoons of sugar need to go don't they!?

    I'm really impressed that you've lost so much weight. Fantastic and it has definitely given me the push I need knowing how successful this is. Two stone is totally do-able right!??! 😊

  • Thanks. I'm not gonna lie it has been hard but I feel fantastic and my weight loss means much more than just being a bit slimmer. πŸ˜€ This forums fantastic just post your questions, thoughts and triumphs and someone's always here with words of wisdom ?!?! Two stone is totally doable if your prepared to make some changes to your diet, sorry those 2 sugars will need to be reduced πŸ˜† your taste buds adjust. I find alot of foods I used to love to sweet and sickly. Crazy but true πŸ€” also join in a few challenges on here it will motivate you to move more and it's all a bit of fun. Good luck. Claire x

  • These are not easy work hours with regards to eating πŸ˜• My daughter used to work for Asda and did the same πŸ˜• What helped was having a decent cooked breakfast/brunch before she went, and taking two smaller packed meals, one sandwich and one sakad based. Cartons of fruit juice and nuts for emergency snacks. 😊 Her biggest challenge was walking home past take-away shops!!

    Good luck 😊

  • Hi Anna. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, this is my problem. I'm up at 7.30am...have brekkie about half eight and then would usually have a sandwich an hour before going to work as I don't like lots of food sloshing around in me as I work, but then I don't want to be hungry either. My lunch is at four, that's second sandwich time and then I get home close to ten pm. If I'm hungry I'll have a couple of weetabix as it's not great going to bed with a grumbling belly! I don't eat at work as there are no cooking facilities other than a manky microwave so I just drink lots of water. I'm on my feet the best part of seven hours a day so I don't know why I'm not like twiggy to be honest! I definitely think my job plays a part in my problem as I don't get to eat a proper, sensible meal like most other people when they get home of an evening. Another good reason to perhaps look for different employment! 😁

  • I do shift work as well 6pm to 6 am. I just make sure I only have 3 meals a day which can be hard.

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