Well couldn't control and it happened

Well I have not been on for I think 2 weeks , kind of lost my way was on a training weekend then home for a few days then a long weekend to see my lovely sister who I only see once a year at the other end of the country. HUH!! It was the wine I know it I was actually quite good with food. Put on 2lbs over that 2 weeks since routine all to pot so know got to loose that 2lb again to get my stone off...

Have tried since got back a week ago and made gym every time with new routine which is a lot harder but not lost it .Am off on family holiday on Saturday for a week to Spain OMG , no idea how on earth am going to stay the same ,will not be drinking much but I always put on a couple of pounds on holiday especially as there is no gym to help. Have planned a walk each day. Any suggestions???I don't wont to only eat salad all week ?


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5 Replies

  • Life is for living, lovely you've seen your sister, a 2lb gain is not a disaster. Enjoy your holiday, just try and remember the basics, choose meals with tomato based sauces not cheese and cream, not too much bread, lots of vegetables, some fruit, drink lots of water. Sure you will do lots of walking which is good exercise. You will be fine, just get back on track when you return. Have a great time!

  • Hi dish70 I probably won't b much help by saying that for my weeks hol in 3 weeks time I am not planning to b good at all I plan to enjoy my food n drink whilst I'm away n just work extra hard to get it back off when I return 😀. Enjoy ur holiday n hope the weathers lovely for u

  • I think if you plan to walk each day and perhaps get some swimming in as well, you will limit any damage. Fingers crossed for you, but have a lovely time, anyway!

  • Having a good holiday is important, but as moreless says if you swim and walk lots ypu will limit the damage 😊 I'm just back and only gained 1lb in 12 days 😊 Partly because we had light breakfast and good lunch and mostly tapas in the evening. good luck 😊 Spain is fab, enjoy your holiday 😊

  • Thanks for all the comments, will try to be mindful

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