Hydration prior to exercise

Just been doing some reading and trying to find out why some mornings I bound out of bed full of energy and other days I feel as if my muscles are made of lead. Apparently we should drink before exercise, (not so much you feel nauseas ) Today I had three cups of weak black tea (more like coloured water) in the hour before I exercised and it may be coincidence but it was definitely easier 😊


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13 Replies

  • There are a lot of variables it could be Anna61. It could be the caffeine boost. It could be that you have fully recovered from previous activity this time. It could be a placebo effect that should not be underestimated. I read somewhere that there is more risk of over-hydration than under-hydration unless you regularly do hours of exercise without having a drink. There are of course exceptions that lead to misreading the thirst response, such as ageing, and we shouldn't wait until we suffer extreme thirst.

    It may well be down to what you are eating. I found the highs and lows from high glycaemic foods and sugar were not conducive to consistent exercise sessions, and even fruit didn't replenish my glycogen sufficiently.

  • I used to have breakfast before I exercised. These days I tend not to but yes deffo at least 2 cups of tea and take some water or dilute juice if you're going to be working at more than a walking pace for more than half an hour in my view.

  • How long before the exercise did you have water? Personally, I haven't encountered (rather, I haven't noticed) any difference by altering my water intake in my exercise regime.

    I read in a few articles that one must hydrate at least 2 hour before exercising (not what I regard a dependable source). If you have encountered any research or study, do point me in that direction.

  • This was in Anita Beans book "fitness on a plate" and she suggests drinking in the hour prior to exercise. I can't manage anything too strenuous yet but as I exercise first thing (before breakfast) having an extra hour in bed with couple of cups of very weak black tea (negligible caffeine) did seem to help 😊 But I am just back from holiday so a bit out of sync exercise wise but really struggled Monday/Tuesday and noticed improvement today 😊

  • Oh thanks for that. I wouldn't mind a cup of green tea in the morning :)

  • Not a fan of green tea, like earl grey or Darjeeling but mostly just very weak 'council' tea as my grandmother used to call it! 😊

  • Not a fan either(of Green Tea). Just trying to stay hip ;)

  • So Anna, you have your servant bring you the tea in bed before you get up? Blimey, how the other half live :-) !

  • Hehehe 😂😂😂 I just wake up very early!! (And usually make the tea! Lol )

  • So true I have started going for a walk first thing in the morning (before breakfast) and on my first morning I was fine at the time but had a headache afterwards probably due to being dehydrated as I had built up a sweat when I got back.

    I have started drinking a big glass of water before I go and that has done the trick :-0

  • I couldn't do ANYTHING in the morning without at least 2 cups of strong tea lol

  • Me too! :)

  • With me it is literally pints of coffee. 3 if there is enough time!

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