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Week 21

This week: weight change - 0.75lb waist change 0" 1606 cals/day 165 min activity/day

BP 161/102

An OK week but due to the heavy levels of walking delivering leaflets for Leave EU, I felt hungry. Not long to go on that score now anyway. BP on the rise for the past few weeks so I went back on the tablets, something I was trying to avoid. I'll come off them again once I have got down to 12st 7lbs.

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a loss is a loss and for just under a pound I would not think you would have lost much from the waist anyway. I think of it like a vase shrinking, the big bit takes longer to go down!

How much do you have to lose before you get to your target weight? i dont think I could ever get down to below 13 stones :-)


Thanks for your encouragment. It's 12lbs away, so a few weeks to go.

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where did the referendum come from to be on this post? I was young when the 73 referendum was held. idealistically, I believed the politicians and voted to join the common market, of course this has now changed beyond recognition from what we were told it would be.

I have lived and worked in other countries but sadly earned less than i would have in the UK. Can't blame people for trying to do better for themselves but it is in the hands of the government to make sure we control who comes in. I always had to prove that I had enough in the bank to support me and my family, to show a sales contract or tenancy agreement and to show proof of belonging to a health insurance scheme, in other words be able to support me and mine and not be a burden on the people of whichever country i was living in?


I am not quite sure why a weight loss forum has become a political slanging match but well done on the weight loss. I wish I had just 12lb to go. Aside of that, are the tablets you are stopping for your blood pressure? please don't just stop them because your weight has gone down, although high BMI can be a contributory factor in hypertension, so can many other things such as age and family history. I am a nurse and we have so many patients come in to hospital with high BP who have stopped their meds because their BP had come down; it was down because they were taking the meds, when they stop it goes back up and they are again at high risk of stroke, heart attack etc. Please do not stop medication without consulting your GP or practice nurse..

Keep up the walking!


Hi everyone,

Some of these exchanges within this thread have been reported as offensive, and therefore admin have deleted those exchanges.

I would just like to say that political exchanges are perhaps not best done in this forum, which is a weight loss forum

Please be respectful of one another, in accordance with community guidelines.

Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.


Administrator of Weight Loss NHS forum.


I agree, thanks

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