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Weather being horrible so I want to eat


After being mega good with the mini heatwave I am now fancying junk and rubbish! Why am I sabotaging myself like this - I've decided to try harder today. My hard part of today will be this morning when I go to my Stroke group - biscuits and cake on offer - the lady who makes the cake gets offended if you don't have a piece. I'll have a piece but forego the biscuits, at least I can have my coffee

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oh so difficult when people bring the biscuits on a plate! You could take your own snack or just that little piece of cake will be ok, just count it in with your daily calories! Have a good day :-)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi JudyZuke,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community. I'd like to tell you that the Pinned posts are worth a read, so do have a look at the right-hand-side of the homepage for those, and especially the Welcome Newbie post - which moreless has collated.

Please do join in with anything you like the look of.

I think you do incredibly well to forego those biscuits and cakes on offer at your Stroke group, and at least you can savour and enjoy the coffee. Really good!

Hope you have a lovely week, and hope to see you around and about in the forum.

Lowcal :-)


I never fancy salad when the weather is cooler and wetter so I have lovely, nourishing home made soups instead, keeps me off the stodge! Hope all went well at your stroke group.

Well, the lady who makes the cakes wasn't at the group today and I refused biscuits as well 😇

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to JudyZuke

It's a difficult one - people do get offended if you say no!! Could you tell a white lie and say you've just had breakfast? 😊 Well done on saying no today 😊 Success is on its way to you!

Hi Judy,

I am definitely guilty of that too and often in social situations where I see others enjoying their food and feel I am missing out but it's all in my head as when I give in it never makes me feel better just guilty :-(

Good idea a little bit of what you fancy is never a bad thing (you can work it off)

Mollydex4 stone

It is harder in bad weather, comfort food is often very moorish. Well done on leaving the biscuits , and cake is ok as long as you count it in :-)

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