What to do when you're away

Hi all,

So I've realised weekends are not really my issue for falling off my healthy eating plan, it's when I'm away from home for more than a meal or two. I think what I need to do is store up some meal ideas, not just salads, that will allow me to "see" the healthier alternatives on the dinner menu.

I enjoy all sorts of food (hence why I need to loose weight in the first place ;-) ) but does anyone have any suggestions? What do you do if you are away for a few days to manage calorie input, but not feel like you are depriving yourself? It's probably a silly question as we are all different but any and all ideas are welcome :-)

Many thanks,



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6 Replies

  • Very pertinent question as I am currently struggling to get back on track after holiday and visitors as well as looming weekend away 😕

    Firstly I suppose is obey all the "lean" habits we have learnt, take care no to overload the plate, eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful, STOP when full (or just before) drink plenty of water, try to follow the "half plate of veg/sakad" rule, and for me, watch alcohol intake 😳 Hiwever, it's important not to let food dictate how good the holiday is, I keep telling myself this and it mostly works!! Lol

    I have applied these rules on several trips in the past and not gained weight but this most recent one I went off track which proves we can't ever get complacent 😕

    Good luck 😊

  • Thanks Anna61, sound advice :-) Now I just need to stick to it ;-)

  • I always gain but than come back and loose it straight away. I personally find that as I am completely put of routine. Unless you can do your exercise and be very careful only to eat 3 healthy meals than you can loose. The trouble is I don't.

    Just come back here straight away and everyone here will support you and remember to have fun!

  • Ah thanks Bakersdozen, it's very true :-) Let's hope mine comes off as quickly :-)

  • It will! I said the same thing but than once I cam =e back to this site I lost very quickly as you will go straight back on the wagon!

    Fingers crossed! Good luck and remember we are all here to cheer you on!

  • Ah, thank you :-D

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