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The Wagon!

Loosing weight can be one of the hardest things you can do but last year I did it! 7st in 14 months!!

Now maintaining they say can be harder than loosing it and I must say this has been a challenge but again for the last few months it's been ok. The odd bad habit creeps back in and then they get bigger! I'm feeling like I'm loosing control of things and even though I know what I should be doing I'm finding it hard to get back into my good habits. I heard the other day that there's a more primal part of our brain that is harder to control and things like mindless eating happen. You're not really hungry but you can't stop that hand to mouth action that you have done before.

I really hope I find a way to get a handle on this. I can't go back to what I once was and I no longer have my 'Fat clothes'!

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Fantastic weight loss! Well done 😊 And good luck with maintenance 😊

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Hi, I am very impressed with the weight loss success you have had! I can imagine what you might be experiencing now though. That's why I don't want to make my weight loss journey int too much of a 'regime' that I will find hard to stick to when I have reached my goal. I know that whole mindless eating thing, I think it can be quite soothing sometimes. Could you keep a note of the times when you start grazing and take up a new pastime too keep your hands busy?! Or find some healthy snacks that meet the need without piling on the pounds?

It would be a shame to slip too far off the wagon, I wish you well in getting a handle on your eating habits! x


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