Not doing that great. Hormones and other TMI stuff

I was on the program for three weeks and lost 3.5 kgs. Which to my mind is good going.

Then, boom, suddenly I lost complete interest. I get very 'hormonal' and I think at that times fatigue, cravings and all sorts of things happen and I just give up.

The good news (and rather odd news) is that I have not regained the 3.5 kgs?!

I suffer depression too so sticking to this is hard.

Any tips, help, inspirations would help. Although I am not very overweight (debatable) I want to lose 6 kgs still. I always get stuck in the hormonal and stress issue and give up. The worst part for me is the bloating, which is driving me nuts.


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14 Replies

  • I am just the same. All we can do is breath deeply, forgive ourselves and start again. Don't be defeated!

  • SlimSadi

    Life is short!!! Try not to beat yourself up too much, if you fall off the wagon just start a fresh........Carry on......WE can do this 👍👍👍👍

  • There is some evidence that exercise is good at counter balancing the TOTM hormonal changes, and even though it's probably the last thing you feel like doing, it may help? Also, if you haven't gained weight you must have established good eating habits so just burning a few extra calories could put you where you want to be 😊

  • Thank you. I went for a walk today (thank goodness). It's a start :)

  • Hi, I guess this also happens to me. Also I think age is a big factor...the older you are the harder it is to stick to something...but they also say, to be healthier make a conscious effort to eat less, exercise more, and laugh happy and dont think of losing the weight so much...

  • Hi slimsadi,

    You are doing well no gain is great news, support is here so the fact you are on the forum is positive.i had a moment a few weeks ago when I lost my motivation but the support from others on here inspired me to get back on track .Good luck.

  • Dear SlimSadi,

    You can see by the others' replies that you are not alone! Good that you are talking about the feelings that have beset you. Instead of feeling guilt, replace it with pride for having achieved your goal in the first three weeks. It's ok to lapse, to not stick to the programme for awhile. You seem determined to make a life style change and this you are doing. The others have suggested exercise, and I agree. I have been in this program for a year (and lost only 5 kg, which is 5 less than my goal). The good thing I discovered was that it prompted me to exercise more- so I have found new walking routes and hike and power-walk for 1 -2 hours everyday. There is no bad weather. The walks have eradicated my mood swings and are my life style change. Better sleep, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure have resulted. That far outweighs any weight loss, although there is still the ultimate goal of shedding a few more kilograms. The sounder eating habits that the NIH weight programme makes us aware of is also a mood enhancer. Are there any foods that make you feel happier ? Why not reward yourself now and again with one of these while you stick to the programme. For me it's chocolate. But I try to keep it fairly within the alloted calorie range. Oh, hum, yes, a glass of wine with Friday night dinner, and er... yeah Saturday too. Still aware of the calorie tally at the end of the day, though no longer actually counting. More a feeling. To summarize: find some physical exercise that you like, and the rest will fall into place.

  • You are so right. Walking does change mood. It's a bit easier right now (hormones seem a BIT more stable!) I suppose for me anyhow, it is a day by day thing. Hopefully more good than bad. Thank you :)

  • Glad that things are easier now. Try walking everyday or something else that you enjoy, just as a preventative measure. Teresina has also very good advice - just carry on.

  • Dear Sadi, restart the programme again, 3.5kg in 3 weeks is a very good result, my suggestion is to eat a bit more like 1500 kcal every day. The recommended amount for day is 2000 kcal for a woman, so you'll be losing weight as long as you eat below 2000kcal. Then, add a bit of work out to your diet. your body releases endorphins and serotonin while exercising (I'm PhD in Biochemistry), and these two substances are involved in the pleasure and wellness sensation. so you should be able to overcome your period stress.

    Good luck

  • Hi! some artificial sweeteners can cause bloating also fatty foods , lots of dairy etc. You have done well to keep off what you have lost so that is an achievement already 😊. I know how you must feel if you suffer depression this is something I have had to put up with for the last 3 years on and off due to personal circumstances, mine also caused and still does sometimes insomnia where I can stay up till 3-4am I put on extra weight also which I didn't need as I was overweight already. It is a battle but I have found that since I joined this site and upped the exercise ( which I hardly did before) I feel so much better a Kalms of an evening also helps the sleep aspect. Music is a fantastic mood lifter why not make a playlist of your favourite songs when you start to feel down. Keep posting and if things are going pear shaped we can motivate you back again I wish I only had 6kgs to lose you can do it because you are in control.

  • Gosh yes, I had forgotten that insomnia can cause weight issues too. I need to try and also stick to my b6 and b12 and walking. It really does help. Thank you so much.

  • Control the hormones you can. Don't eat high-glycaemic foods such as potatoes, rice, sugar, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Wholemeal bread or other processed cereals, also avoid anomalies that spike insulin such as yoghurt or baked beans, and have less than an ounce of fructose per day. Have some natural fat instead.

    This will have a beneficial effect on stress hormones, as will a little activity, and practising relaxation. Sleep during hours of darkness.

  • They say that excercise is good for depression, also have you given yourself a reward for your acheivement. Treat yourself to some new clothes, a spa treatment etc. Sit back and enjoy who you are.

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