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Help! Sudden weight gain

I'm on week 12 of the NHS plan, only 3 days left to go! I've been steadily losing weight and have lost nearly half a stone. I started at 17st 7.5lb and last week weighed in at 17st 1.5lb. I was hoping to get down to 17st 0.5lb this week but I weighed myself yesterday and clocked in at 17st 5.5lb! Weighed myself again today hoping it was just a fluctuation and I'm 17st 6lb!

I really don't want to finish the 12 week plan only 1 pound lighter than when I started. This is so frustrating! I am going to do the plan through a second time but I was really hoping to get down to half a stone loss. What do I do?

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Don't panic Natz! The same thing happened to me on week 6 and I was devastated! That was when I started weighing myself daily and realised just how much my weight fluctuates from day to day and hour to hour!

It could be for any one of a number of reasons and none of them to do with anything particular, that you have, or haven't done!

1. Water retention due to hormones, increased activity, salty food etc.

2. Constipation.

3. Scales need a new battery/replacing/re-positioning/re-calibrating.

4. Weighing yourself at a different time, dressed differently, before going to the loo, or after eating/drinking/showering.

Only after you've considered the above, should you think about what you've been eating/drinking.

Fingers crossed! :)


I think this is why I weigh only once a week. I would find daily weighing too confusing for all the reasons Moreless says.

We have just had a bank holiday weekend and it was sunny, so you might well have changed your behaviour and/or your eating/drinking habits. You will know if you ate differently, especially if you keep a food diary of what you actually have (as opposed to what you intended to have!). Eating different types of foods certainly changes water retention.

If the worst comes to the worst and you realise that you did eat more or even just differently than usual, just get back on your eating plan. If weight goes on that fast, it usually comes off very quickly too. Whatever the reason, you cannot time travel back and change the past but you can choose your future by going forward sensibly. Do not overcompensate, just plan to have your normal intake, including any usual treats that you plan in.

The people who make long term weight losses are the ones that just keep going no matter what. It might be worth revisiting your plan as you did when you first started. It is definitely worth checking your portion sizes and kcals to make sure that the changing to summer foods hasn't allowed any errors to slip in. If you are still worried that you're not doing enough, try to plan some extra exercise in.

Don't let panic trigger you into giving up. You know this diet works for you as you have been having good losses. Treat this as a mysterious glitch that you can work your way round and that is what it will become.

Fingers crossed for a better result at your final 12 week weigh in. I would also love to know your week 13 result as I bet it will be a good one.


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