Snacks how often?

I'm a bit of a snacker and having an issue knowing if I'm snacking too often or not, should I just have one scheduled snack morning and afternoon or is it OK to munch on fruit yogurt etc anytime you're hungry?


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  • If our meals are healthy, we shouldn't need to snack in between. Fruit yoghurt will spike insulin for instance.

  • I've kind of lost my mojo I lost two stones then with just ten pounds to go I'm struggling, what breakfasts should I have for example that would stop me snacking?

  • What do you enjoy at the mo?

  • I also feel like I'm hungry all the time and don't know why as there's no medical issue

  • I tend to have about 60g of porridge with a spoon of honey as I need something to sweeten it or I have cereal but not that filling

  • Is milk included in the 60g?

  • No I use water should I use milk?

  • I don't want to be too prescriptive, but you could do with a little more balance to your breakfast, and maybe other meals? About a palm-size of protein and the accompanying natural fat at most meals will usually do wonders for staving the hunger.

    Good luck!

  • What natural fat could I include in porridge?

  • Whole-milk, butter, or double cream? It doesn't have to be in the porridge though; you could have eggs for example?

  • The natural fat in the milk. Or a little nut butter? Coconut oil? Personally I don't have porridge as I have found, after having it and loving for years, it actually makes me crash later in the morning. This is probably just me though and you may be fine, I am a little weird ;-)

  • Hi PheonixJo, I agree with Concerned, more protein does do wonders. When I started tracking my meals in my fitness pal I was shocked how little I was having. Since I've started working out and weight training three times a week I've consciously increased my protein and have it at each meal. I'm not saying I never feel hungry, I do, but I get this a lot less now than ever before and the peaks and crashes have reduced considerably. Good luck!

  • Thanks I wonder if this is why I feel hungry all the time not enough balance in my meals

  • Maybe. Honestly, I thought I was being so healthy and just a small tweak, cutting what I call 'heavy' carbs like porridge, or reducing them, and increasing protein has really helped, and I think stopped me feeling so tired all the time as well. Good luck!

  • I should reduce carbs like porridge?

  • I think you have to do what's right for you. For me this worked and I feel much better for it, but I'm sure for others it wouldn't. I think starting with the NHS 12 week plan is a great place to start. Another interesting read are the new non-NHS guidelines on weigh loss which Concerned posted here last week (sorry can't remember the name!). They talk a lot about reducing carbs. But as I say, start with the NHS 12 week guide and go from there. Then, trial and error, find what you like, what makes you feel good and helps you be healthy and stick with that :-)

  • OK great thanks

  • Hi phoenixjo 😀 I normally have good breakfast of 27g portion of dried porridge with 180mls semi skimmed milk (little sachets like mornflake quaker oats make this easier) and top cooked porridge with mixture of seeds and Fresh fruit or apple and cinnamin ... whatever you fancy and this will give you the sweetness so no sugar needed.

    This seems to see me through till lunchtime then a fruit snack or veg sticks for snacking in the afternoon then a good balanced dinner and maybe a yogurt after.

    Have a read through the nhs12wk plan (if you haven't already) as it's full of tips about meal planning and snacking.

    As long as you don't go over your calorie allowance and are making good choices you can't really go wrong.

    Good luck. Claire x

  • Thanks I'll have a good read x

  • Also ... make sure you are drinking enough as your body sometimes confuses thirst with hunger.😀

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