Weight loss plateau

I was doing so well following my new regime of reducing my calorie intake and starting the C25K. I am 8 weeks in to my calorie reduced regime and just started week 4 of C25K. So far I've lost 1 stone but really struggling to shift anymore! I am eating less than 1400 calories per day and jogging every other day.

Does anyone have any tips to get this weight shifting again!?


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9 Replies

  • This post sounds so familiar.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to answer you as I am at my ends wits.

  • If you're eating less than 1200 kcal you don't lose any weight. you body switches the starvation mode on and it tends to save energy. so you don't burn any calories. the 14oo kcal allowance is supposed for people who work out 15/20 min every other day. if you exercise regularly, then, you have to eat a bit more. 1400/1500 calories every day should be fine

  • What about cutting the simple carbs like white bread pasta potatoes etc and the sugar?? Just a thought. I'm trying that this week and will see what happens

  • Good luck!

  • Couch to 5k might be causing you to gain muscle weight, while you're losing fat weight, meaning overall the scales tell you the same weight? Muscle is much more compact than fat, so if you can compare your waist measurement to your starting point, you might find the difference is there rather than on the scales. The good news is that once you've developed this extra muscle, your body will become more efficient at getting rid of the remaining fat as having extra muscle helps you metabolise more efficiently (apparently that's how it works anyway!)

    For tips to restart the weight loss - some people try to have a day where they have a higher amount of calories, but then reduce again straight away. For me, strength exercise makes a real difference. It doesn't have to be much - 10 x squats, 10 x situps, 10 x pressups, or something like the strength & flex podcasts, but little and often, everyday even if you can. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement that muscles will get me slimmer.

    Now regarding pelvis floor exercises I was doing them but I was hurting my back. Any tips Ruth_canal_runner ?

  • So many things can cause a sore back BD, maybe a wider range of back exercises might help? I would also see your doctor, to rule out any other problems :)

  • Thanks for all the tips! I'm going to try them and I shall report back. Ruth I think you are right as my waist is getting smaller but the number on the scales is staying the same!!

  • I am going to echo the other good advice you have had as it all rings true for me.

    This happened when I was training hard every day to get fitness back for a month before going on the holiday of a lifetime. The trainer, who specialised in people getting fit after illness, said if I wanted to just lose weight I would have to build rest days in. He explained that when we are developing muscle it happens because the muscle fibres tear and rebuild. If we do not have sufficient down time to allow the muscles to recover, they protect themselves by storing water - hence the lack of weight loss.

    He was right I did lose weight better when my training was less intensive. But the great thing that happened was that my body went down 2 dress sizes while training. I got a waist! I realised that I didn't care how heavy I was in the short term, if I looked better in my clothes for the holiday! Of course, you might be less shallow than I was being.

    It is worth eating differently as well as eating a bit more. Have you worked out how much kcal you are expending on your exercise. It would be well worth eating some of that deficit. I would say, try a different version of your diet. Anything that shakes it up, seems to work. Well it did with my 4 plateaux. As does having the occasional single day off! Counter intuitive I know, but if what you're doing isn't working, you will have to change it for a while.

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