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Self distruct button

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few weeks I have struggled but managed to maintain or should I say control my button, but the last week impossible.

1200 cals set on myfitnesspal, then add my steps which is between 7,800 to 11 depending on what I'am doing, this adds ti around 1500 cals on very good day. Then I exclude my gym workout some days it 500 cals burnt then next 300 and so on. One day cardio one day tone and small cal burn. That makes it 500 cal deficite daily.

My tummy is not shrinking making me annoy, grabbing food on the run not doing me any good either. Other family commitments making me down.

I have started to pick again, found yesterday I ate 1/2 bag of haribo marshmellows. Eating even when not hungry. Why do we do it when all is going good.

So annoyed at myself,

Sorry for moaning


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Hey! Literally been the same over the last week. For no valid reason whatsoever I have just hit the self destruct button and given up.

I have given myself a kick up the bum and made a plan for tomorrow to try and get back on track. I know that if I don't plan I just go completely crazy. Maybe it would help you too?

I'm my own worst enemy! Grrrr to me!


That was me last week, I just couldn't stop nibbling, but I still managed to lose weight.

My guess was that I did need the extra food as I was working out a lot and it looks like you must be doing a lot too.

Fingers crossed you have lost something this week!


See, that's the thing that worries me about going into maintaining. Knowing when it's actual hunger and when it's just a trigger for unnecessary food from something else. I'm not at my goal yet, but I will be trying to maintain while I'm home for my visit the end of June. I'd rather not come back having put on large amounts of what I've managed to get rid of so far!

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I know - it is something that slightly scares me too. Will just have to keep an eye on things and continue weighing ourselves just to be on the safe side.


True. I'm going to have to keep an eye on the portion sizes, definitely. And hopefully I can borrow my brother's dog for some walking to keep the exercise up.

Thanks! :)

(Glad I'm not the only one.)

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I find that stress, pressure from family members and running around presses my buttons. Normally all at different times can handle but this last 2 weeks it all on no break either, only peace is sleep. Hopefully things will calm down soon, one thing is certain to focus more on positive and work harder, I control this not the other way around

It is finding out Vicky what is your trigger and trying to avoid it. If you slip up try harder. It took us years to get to this stage it may not take has long to get rid but it will to change our mind set.

We can do this, the only person letting us down is the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Good luck



Thanks, Wendy.

That's a very helpful way to think about it. I'll have to make sure next time I get stressed into falling off the wagon I make a point of seeing what it is that's stressed me to that point. And then start to plan what I can do when it happens again in the future!

At least now I've gotten my husband fully on side. Not that he objected before, he just failed to see where I need him to help me. He's usually supportive of what I want to do, just doesn't realize that sometimes support involves him actually doing something! :) But I think we've gotten there now.

Good luck with the rest of the weekend.


Hi there! This week (4 of 9) I felt like I was starving and I went over my 1400 Kcal limit on a few days. I didn't go hugely over, and I did correct it where I could by being more careful the next day. I decided I don't want to feel hungry, because I want to behave in a way that will be naturally sustainable for the rest of my life, so I try not to make myself suffer too much, while still making the right decisions. As you know, planning your meals, being active and recognising triggers that might make you stray are all part of the process and one day, I'm sure they'll be second nature to the new you, but also remember to be kind to yourself, remind yourself who you are doing all of that for and how good it feels to be doing the right thing. Good on you and thanks for sharing!

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We need nutrients from our food other than energy. Our body has an appetite to seek out these vitamins and minerals. De-natured foods fool our appetites for a short time only; they taste nice, but it isn't long before the body realises it is still deficient in what it actually needs. If we keep eating processed junk out of a tin or a packet, we will experience rebounds.


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