The day before we weigh

Anyone else out there suffer from PWT? Pre Weigh Tension? I always worry the day before my weekly date with the scales that I won't have done enough to get even a half lb loss or even a stay the same. Yes, my standards are low. And we all know that tension gets those fingers dancing through the cupboards and fridge looking for something to nibble. My current strategy is just not to have anything in the house that would break my diet plan. But how do the rest of you get through this? Or do you all weigh more often than weekly? So the pressure isn't focused on one day.


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13 Replies

  • I weigh myself daily as soon as i wake up and use weightgrapher to smooth out the daily fluctuations.

    I find it helps me but some people hate it. I dont get a shock at the end of the week and if i have a bad day, it gives me a bit more drive to do better the next.

    As i track calories too i have a spreadsheet with a graph that shows daily weight loss against calories, over the last 40days ive been doing it , it clearly shows that days i go over 1400 calories im more likely to gain weight and days under im more likely to lose.

    Good luck :)

    P.s i think i need to join spreadsheets anonymous as I have spread sheets for everything!

  • Thanks craxykitten, both those tools sound fantastic, but I don't think I can put spread sheets on any of my current PC/iPad etc. Or are they apps? I'll have a quick Google and check.


  • @craxykitten Hi. I,too, weigh each day,first thing before breakfast in my case

    but do not do charts or anything, just my notebook of loose leaves. Do you know of an app I can use with a Blackberry for just putting in calories each day? I do not want to upgrade to a notepad or similar, I love my blackberry!

  • I kind of combine the two approaches. I generally weigh myself once a week, but if I'm feeling worried about it I'll stick myself on the scale even if it's not a Monday. So then I can see if I'm on track or not for adjusting before the "official" weigh in. :)

  • Thanks for your thoughts VickyDLM, that sounds a good idea too. But I gave up weighing at home once I found my scales were 5lbs out. Go to some checked ones now once a week. I suppose I could weigh on the home ones then go and try the outside ones. Thanks for making me think it through.


  • That's one reason why I like this site. Chances are somebody's had the same problem and has thought of/tried a solution I wouldn't necessarily have thought of.

    You're welcome! :)

  • I do weigh in between the weigh in day - usually to confirm I am doing well, or confirm I have been naughty, either way i use it as a reminder to think what it is I want - not sure it always work but its what I do. I am not sure I like the Monday weigh in. Years ago I weighed in on a Thursday /Friday and found it much better for getting through the weekend - if I had lost weight i didn't want to ruin it, if i had put on I would get on with sensible shopping!

    Its finding what works for you

  • Yes, SandyJJ, I swopped from Monday to a weekly Thursday weigh in and have had much better results since,


  • Hi I generally weigh myself every day. I find that if I have not lost anything then it spurs me on to try harder and if I have lost a bit then it spurs me on to keep going. I think if I didn't weigh for 7 days and had not lost very much then I would feel more disappointed. However funnily enough I usually find I have put on a bit the day I actually record my weight so maybe that tension does make me eat a bit more. Although I think it is more to do with weighing in after the weekend. I really feel that daily weighing takes away that tension :)

  • Thanks, muffintop67, sounds like a good idea for my maintenance plan. So I might try this too.


  • I guess just try a few different ways and see what works best for you. :)

  • Good strategy

  • Panic over. I lost 2lbs. Bit of a record for me. To think I have been delirious losing one and a half. I am now the lowest for decades as I am 2lbs below goal. Three more and I will start maintenance. Planning lots of walks at the weekend. Fitbits and pedometers to the fore!

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