I'm new here and need some motivation

Right, here goes.....I need to lose some weight and to be honest I'm struggling to get that motivation. I do the classic mistake of avoiding the scales, thinking I'll lose a bit of weight before I dare weigh myself, but that weight loss never comes.....so therefore I never get on the scales.

Today I did......13st. As I am only 5ft 4 I am classed as obese! I really need to do something. My main problem is I snack when I get in from work. I'm great during the day, but snack when I get in, cheese mainly.

Any ideas guys?



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  • Hi Jackdog,

    I would like to Welcome you to the Weight Loss NHS forum. It's great that you've joined and I hope you'll find it a helpful and supportive place. It can often be a daunting first step to share your weight, but hopefully you'll be on the road to being lighter and healthier as time goes on. I would recommend reading the Welcome Newbie thread (this is Pinned in the right-hand-side of the homepage) in an area called Pinned Posts. The other posts there are also really good.

    The other thing I'd suggest is being part of the Monday group weigh-in - if you like the thought of a weekly weigh-in - it can be helpful. That's below the Pinned Posts, in a section called 'Events' - and you can click on that link and have a read, if you're interested.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for the reply Lowcal. I'll have a look at the Monday weigh in, that might be the thing to keep me on track, now I've braved the scales!

  • Hi Jackdog

    I'm just starting out too and have similar problem of snacking I don't do much exercise either which needs to change. Hopefully we find the motivation and the weight starts coming off.


  • Yeah, lets do this Karen235, we can. I know we can!

  • Hello! I'm new to this to and have always found snacking at home is my issue, I can weigh out all my meals but still head for a snack and tempt destroying the good work I did the rest of the day, I would suggest (it works for me) is planning the snack. I have a tin with all my fave snacks in 100 Cals and less and just ensure that I save enough calories for them later. If cheese is your downfall you could buy low fat cheese and weigh portions into food bags and allow for the calories? Might help? Good luck 😊 Apologies if this has been mentioned already in other comments!

  • That's a great idea. Acknowledging that there will be times when you need to snack, but limiting it to something in your 100cal tin. Going to try that......Thanks

  • Well day 1 completed......a long road ahead, but its one step at a time. Didn't snack when I got in from work, small step, but an important one. Roll on day 2, danger is Friday night is traditionally a take away......I'll just have a starter!

  • Well done jackdog, baby steps are good :)

    Good luck with that takeaway! :)

  • I'm new to this forum too. I'm snacking on strawberrys and allowing myself two biscuits ( checked on counter for calorie content) with my afternoon cup of tea. Good luck see you at the Monday weigh in👍

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