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I've finally sorted my laptop to actually contribute to the forum. Good timing because I've been struggling lately, I've been in a really low mood. I think I've been quite low and stressy since I started trying to lose weight. I stress easily and can suffer with anxiety.

It's getting to the point where I'm losing willpower. I'm still sticking to my diet and yesterday I spent my free time after work doing yoga and pilates as I realised I'd eaten too much and gone over my calories.

Maybe it's just my mood.

My boyfriend has bought a big tube of pringles, he nearly bought pizza yesterday I'm not having any but it's annoying when he's sitting there eating whatever and I'm trying not to eat anything as I need to keep under my calories or just because he's eating junk.

I know this will pass and like I said it's probably just my mood. I guess I just need to say this to people who understand. I don't have much weight to lose really but I'm starting to doubt my ability to keep this going. I go on holiday June 4th and it'll be a real struggle to go back to this regime after it. It's funny because when I started I loved the exercise and I said I'd do it all the time but I'm struggling with that to. I do HIT fitness blender workouts and I've been doing low impact ones instead of the usual ones I started doing.

I think I'll find doing the exercise again easy enough as it does feel good (afterwards!). I'm just losing confidence and belief that I can carry on with this I guess.

Thanks for reading this I just need to get my thoughts and feelings out there as nobody I know would understand.

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Hey jenwriter. I went/am going through with something similar and I posted something emotonal yesterday. It made me realise a few things, first of which is: even when you think it is just your mood: share it with us. I am so glad know I opened up about my sad weekend. The reaction from people put things into perspective, and they gave me so many constructive tips.

The second thing I learnt this week: be honest with your boyfriend. My other half did not realise how hard he made my case sometimes unintentionally. Now he is on board andactually started to eat more healthily himself, and goes on a binge when i cannot see.

Good luck with the holiday!


Hi Jenwriter,

Sorry to hear you have been feeling a little low lately, hopefully you will start to feel better soon! I must say I know exactly how you feel as when I diet I tend to feel low and unhappy and become increasingly anxious and easily stressed (although I also tend to have an angry streak as well haha!) This is because food would normally be the first thing I thought about to brighten my mood and when your dieting having that piece of cake to make you feel better only becomes a source of negativity after you have eaten it.

As for your boyfriend.... I'm in exactly the same boat there too. I have one of those boyfriends who eat and eat and eat and don't gain a single pound instead he goes to the gym three times a week and looks great with minimal effort. He is also guilty of eating delicious food when he knows I'm trying to diet and I always sit there resenting him and wishing I was scoffing that pizza with him haha. I think you have to realise that it isn't his fault, this is your diet and you need to be strong and stick to it! When you look amazing in a few months time and he's feeling bad because he ate too much junk food you can have the last laugh :D

You have to stay strong and get to where yo want to be otherwise you will never feel happy with yourself and just remain in a negative circuit. You CAN do this and its obvious you know how to get there! Stay strong and know we are all here to help you!

Kayleigh :)


I was thinking the exact same thing: when I've been in a bad mood I always eat chocolate or something and it makes me feel better. It doesn't help that I've been very tired lately but I'm sticking to it.


Try changing your mindset Jen, don't think of yourself as on a diet, but following a healthy lifestyle. Don't feel resentful when your boyfriend tucks into Pringles and pizza, feel smug that you're not under the influence of manufacturers of junk food, but an advocate of fresh, healthy food. Don't think of exercise as something you have to do to work off calories, but as something that's fun, makes you look and feel good and above all else, makes you fitter and healthier :)

Don't start a regime that feels like a punishment, do something that will be sustainable for life. Try and get your boyfriend on board. Go for walks, play tennis, badminton, squash together. Plan and cook healthy meals together and sit at the table to eat it, with flowers, candles, music.

Keep coming up with new and exciting ideas and this journey of yours will be a breeze!

You can do this and enjoy it too! :)

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Thanks for all the support, really appreciate it. I know I need to work on my mindset, I guess I didn't really account for the change the exercise and diet would make. I know now. Always learning.

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We can all diet when the going is easy. It's when it's difficult that the problems start. You are noticing all the things that would stop you. But I bet he was eating pizza and crisps when you were doing well. So what were you telling yourself then? You have already taught yourself how to avoid temptations because you were doing it at the beginning. Try to use some of your tricks from then. You know they work.

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