10 week countdown to a big event: confessions and all

Hi all! This is probably my first ever post in which I address my problems from an emotional point of view. Firstly, after my holiday I have gained 2kg and now I have 'only' 10 weeks left to lose 10 kg to go back to my standard weight of 60kg. (Although my actual aim is to lose about 3-4 kg after that). I cannot fit into 90% of my summer wardrobe and I am going on holiday in 10 weeks. Buying new clothes is not really an option for me. I remember last year during my holiday I swore I will go back to my 60kg self, and now the fact that I was 'slacking' for almost a year suddenly hit me. I am living in the same jeans/shirt universe. Yesterday I went clothes shopping (even though I could not afford it but I needed new stuff) and when I looked in the mirrors I could not belive my eyes. I know what you are going to say: the mirrors cheat. Yes they do but not this much, and never in my life I had to buy size 14. I know what you are going to say again: some people would like to be size 14. I appreaciate that, I really do. And no, I am not giving up. Tonight going for a run ( I am doing runs 3 times a week now!), and I finally had a very stern conversation with my other half about him unintentionally sabotaging me etc. This 10 weeks will be very hard now.... I need support mroe than ever. Yesterday was so TRAUMATIC. I nearly cried in freaking Primark. If you ever read my posts and comments you know I am very positive and bubbly. I know how much I achieved this year: 4 month without cigarette, without sugar in my coffee and the fact that I started to exercise again after almost be years of a break must count. But it was not enough and for the first time I wish to scream: IT IS SO UNFAIR! I cook fresh food every day. I am not lazy. But today I just want my virtual family to give me hug and say it will be alright. Peace out peeps, keep on shrinking.


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  • ((((hugs)))), I know it seems so upsetting now, but most people gain on holiday and I am sure that this temporary weight will come off quicker than more permanent weight.

    Just keep on doing the exercise and logging your calories, you stand a very good chance of achieving your first goal in time for your holiday - or very near it, so do the best you can and you will look fabulous, I am sure!

    (((more hugs))))

  • Thank you so much for the hugs. Much apreciated!!!!

  • I do know how you feel CBl, because I've been there and done that so many times! It's a horrible feeling, that someone that's never been overweight will never understand. It doesn't matter if you're 7lbs, or 7st overweight, the feeling is just the same!

    Just recently, I went to buy new bras, I had been feeling great, because I'd lost 5st, but when I saw myself in those cubicle mirrors, I was almost in tears! I was horrified! Mortified! Ashamed! Not once did I think anything good about myself! Just the same as you didn't.

    You didn't remind yourself that you've added years to your life by giving up smoking, nor the fact that smoking changes your metabolism and makes it so much easier to gain weight and so much more difficult to lose weight.

    You didn't remind yourself that you'd given up this century's most addictive drug -sugar! How many people do you know that have achieved that?

    You didn't remind yourself that you're no longer a couch potato, but an athlete!

    I think that what you've achieved is nothing short of wonderful and I'm here cheering you on, because you deserve it!

    I too have a 10 week deadline before my holiday and together, we're going to achieve amazing things.

    Chin up, my friend, your support group is here for you, ready and waiting. You can do this and we can help! :)

  • Thank you so much for this moreless! Your words really meant a lot last night. It really put some things into perspective again. 'Adding years to my life'...that was on my mind a lot last night...

    I am now looking forward to catching up with you in this 10 weeks to see ow we shrinking along :)

    Thanks again!

  • I'm so pleased that I was able to say something to make you feel better CBl :)

    We're going to have a fantastic 10 weeks and an even more fantastic holiday! :)

  • {{{{hugs}}}}


  • Big hugs 😊😊😊 it doesn't matter how much you have to lose it is just as difficult πŸ˜• πŸ˜•πŸ˜• my daughter is in a similar place after exams and uni stress is heartbroken to not fit into her size 12 after gaining almost a stone, who is to judge that her road is less difficult?

    I agree totally with moreless you need to congratulate yourself on what you HAVE achieved, I know it's hard but try to keep positive 😊 You know you can do this.

    Wishing you all the very best 😊

  • I complained for months that certain shop sizes were getting smaller, and so refused to buy clothes that were a size bigger. Finally, after wearing my threadbare jeans out, my hand was forced and I had to get new clothes (either that or get arrested for indecent exposure). Funnily enough, when I went up a size, they fitted perfectly! Hated the shopping experience with all the mirrors though - felt thoroughly depressing! It sounds like you are doing a great job though. Keep going, you are not alone with these times of frustration. And, as Ive seen lots of people say on here, be kind to yourself. Think about all the great changes and successes you have had ( easier said than done I know!). Good luck! 😊

  • Picture you, less heavy...............it seems too much now, unless you excercise madly, no one is ever that happy with what they see in the mirror!

    Life and temptation lead us to fail, we just need to overcome and you will, cat hugs and human ones to you!

  • Thank you Diana! Thanks for the cat hugs too :) Those always used to cheer me up!

  • I have more than enough to share here, from one petit cat

  • HI CurlyBayLeaf,

    Sending you lots of hugs ((((( CurlyBayleaf ))))), and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with your virtual family here - it is an honest, thought-provoking post, and one that many of us can relate to.

    You have achieved a lot, and although the mirrors felt unkind and daunting yesterday, especially in the shop you visited, I'm glad you're still keeping going, and I am really impressed that you've been running 3 times a week, and I hope very much that you're enjoying your run this evening.

    Well done also on discussing things with your other half - because it can really help if your other half is on board with you, but is a massive hurdle if they somehow do something that might potentially sabotage your goals. Communicating is the best way to help iron those things out, and you've done just that - so I hope your OH will be supportive and act differently with respect to the issue you discussed.

    Holidays are notorious for weight gain, but thankfully the weight does usually disappear again relatively quickly once you return to your routine, and so hopefully that will happen to those 2kg that you gained. Like you said, you're someone who cooks fresh food every day, you're focused and diligent, and so it should work out ok.

    Take care and have a good week. You've still got 10 weeks, that's a LOT of days ahead and lots of opportunities to make some great choices and have some great experiences enjoying healthy food and enjoying your running.

    Good luck,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal!

    Thank you for standing next to me being supportive as always with us all! It was hard to pour my thoughts out, and I am glad I did it and I can honestly say this forum of people in the same boat really does help to get on with things.

    I still have some emotional shakes after the weekend, but now I am looking forward to this 10 weeks with extra determination.

  • ww, bless you, sounds like a tough time for you.

    You sound super determined and I'm sure you'll succeed. We sound pretty similar, I was in a 14 and I needed to lose a stone and a half. The 12 week plan is really good and I've lost just over a stone in 10 weeks - so you can do a lot in 10 weeks! I have also heard that slimming world is really good if you have the time for preparing meals.

    Measure your waist as sometimes when the scales are a bit static it can be demoralising, but if you're running you'll be building muscle and toning up at the same time. I measure my waist once a week and on the not so good weeks, it has spurred me on, I'm doing the c25k also. Print out the 12 week plan sheets and stick them on the fridge where everyone can see - your serious about this and others need to know so that they support you. Good luck x

  • I will measure my waist now! I know I should have but always forgot! I feel so much more energetic after my runs I hope them muscles are coming together. Thank you!

  • Wishing you lots of luck. My journey started with less than 10 size 14s in my wardrobe, and only 2 things in a size 16, neither of which I was happy to wear in public. I also felt guilty saying I desperately wanted to get into 12s on a site where I knew plenty of people were aiming for the 14s and 16s I was starting from. I slowly realised the stretched 12s I'd been wearing were essentially size 16s in measurement. But now I can go into a shop and wear a 12 off the peg, and some 10s and 8s sometimes too. It can totally be done. Don't feel down about it, feel excited - you can have everything you want :)

  • Hi All!

    I just would like to say a huge thank you for all who supported me in this challenging time. As mentioned above to Lowcal, it was not easy for me to open up about this trauma, but now I am glad I did it. I am still a bit shaky thinking about my weekend, but last night I went home, did my strenght & flex and had soup for dinner.

    I am now, with somewhat less confidently then when I joined this forum 3 months ago but with MUCH MORE determination, looking forward to this upcoming 10 weeks.

    It was a lesson, that I really do need to change tactics (measure more, portion more, drink less and exercise more). Thinkin about losing wait is sadly not enough.

    I have also learnt that I need to check in more with you guys and address my bad days and slips as well, and not just post on good days when I am feeling happy with the universe.

    Thank you, and a masive embrace to all you lot!

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