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Hi to you out there if possible I'd like some advice some years ago I was diagnosed with type-2 iv had a up-hill battle at times with my weight. at first all was well the medication worked so well my weight dropped even had to buy smaller size clothes going to the gym helped but as time went on problems would come having pains constantly in my legs can be upsetting I'm in full time employment most of the time I'm walking about doing my duties iv been revered to see a spelialist to have a steroid medication injected into my carves to help ease the pain at one time I was always into training i go to the gym up to five times a week iv been put on a new medication testosterone gel and Victorza That helps with type-2 and weight lose if there's some one out there with some positive advice I'd be greatful. by the way I don't drink booze or smoke iv hit the middle age bracket

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Hi Ronnie82,

I was wondering if you were aware of the Diabetes Research and Wellness community here on Healthunlocked? A link to that community is here:


They might be able to off you some support regarding the diabetes, or at least some suggestions about who might be able to offer you some supportive information? You could always google the other communities, to see if there's any other ones that might be helpful.

Regarding this community (Weight Loss NHS), the NHS Choices website is a really good resource, so maybe have a look through it. Also, on the weight loss side of things, do look at our Pinned posts area, top right-hand-side of the homepage, and in particular look at the Welcome Newbie post, and any other post that takes your interest there.

We're busy today with the Monday group weigh-in sessions, and a large number of people pop in for a weekly weigh, and support, so do also have a look at that, if you would like to weigh weekly alongside us - you'd be very welcome.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks as you good people out the May know this terrible illness is on the increase all I want to do is to get back to being well again there's nothing more upsetting when you go to see your doctor and the words that come back is you need to lose weight the thing is weight was never a problem up to three years ago I was the one who asked for the test for type-2 I even asked to be tested for testosterone levels I went to see my kwak about the pain in my foot some weeks ago I was given pain meds so I took my self of to my local hospital asked for a X-ray which turned out to be a facture of my right foot that's why I'm turning to you good people for some good advice


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