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What to do?

Ok, these are my stats -

Week 1 - lost 4lb, Week 2 - lost 0.5lb, Week 3 - sts

Weigh day tomorrow and I have a nasty feeling I won't have lost any weight, in fact I may have gained!

Went out with the girls last night for a curry, I shared a main - chicken sashliq, I just had the veg and 1 small piece of chicken, 4 spoons of tikka masala sauce, half a portion of rice and a chappati, 4 Bacardi and diet cokes. I think I was quite good really!

My problem is this, I don't seem to eat that much really compared to other people, the 1400 calories a day is more than enough for me. I've not had any cake, biscuits, dessert for 4 weeks, really cut down on bread, been walking every day. I try to eat healthy meals, get my 5 a day and drink water.

When I got in last night I put a chicken in the slow cooker and will have lots of veg with that today for my main meal.

Where am I going wrong, why am I not losing weight? I do have a vitamin D deficiency which was caused by another health issue (now resolved) and am now on medication for that.

I'm a happy, optimistic person and am not letting this get me down but can't understand it?


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Sorry you are feeling so negative, why not wait until the morning and see? Also, have you used a tape measure? It's inches that count too 😊 Fingers crossed for morning 😊


thanks, no inches lost either I'm afraid


Maybe not eating enough ? Or could be water retention ?See how you get on tomoro .


Hi Caz28,

Wishing you a good result tomorrow on the scales - afterall, at this point today, you've lost an average of 1.5 pounds per week if you take your total weight loss to date and divide it by the three weeks. That is fantastic!!! Whatever happens on the scales tomorrow, your trend so far is Onwards and downwards, and noone can take that away from you - definitely not those scales!!!

Look forward to catching up with you at the weigh-in tomorrow Caz.

Fingers crossed it will be better than you anticipate!!!

Lowcal :-)


Here's hoping!


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