Well its happened. My weight is now ERR!!!

Well its happened. My weight is now ERR!!!

Hi all, nice to be back 

I seem to be gaining quickly at the moment and my scales top out at 150 kg. I have seen a flash of ERR occasionally but lately its been regular so I am not sure exactly what I weigh

I am guessing around 153 but ERR it is .

As I wrote that it occurred to me that maybe my scales are not indicating ERROR because I am above the maximum weight.

Perhaps its because I have err'd :D 

To err is human. to ARRRRR is pirate !

Aaaaanyway :)

Looking forward to catching up with whats been going on.

C u round!


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9 Replies

  • Rushing around to get no2 son to hospital apt so no time to write - but really GREAT to see you back!

    Kate :)

  • Hi Dave,

    Me too - I am thrilled to see you back!   Welcome back - we've missed you!!!!   I am just rushing off too, but I will hope to catch up later!!!  Wishing you a great day!  :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi our Aussie possum, so gooood to see you back and ready to get back in the groove! What more can I say......you know you can achieve great heights and even enjoy it, so off you go. Our support is with you always. X

  • Oh no Dave! We're all still here, and as you can see we miss you. How can we help you turn the ERR into a piratey ARR? Have you checked it isn't the batteries? It's worth a thought...

  • Love it lol! You definitely should start ARRRRing not ERRRRing it suits you lol!

  • Hi Dave, great to see you back! I've kept wondering how you are going! Missed your posts! 😕 keep in touch 😘

  • Hi Dave,

    Great to hear from you, how's the garden ?


  • Welcome back Dave, it's really good to see you :)

    Hope you're going to be sticking around for a bit, we've missed your wacky sense of humour! :)

    See yer later matey! :)

  • Welcome back, Dave - we really missed you. You were one of the reasons I joined in on this forum. If we can help you to get back on track we will be delighted!

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