Hi All

Hi All, 

I'm new here. I decided back in January that I was way too short for my weight :) At my age (mid forties) I'm not going to get any taller so I decided to start doing something about my weight. Then I thought about it for a few weeks more....

So in February I stepped on the scales to discover I was a whopping 19st 11lbs which for my height of 5ft 9"  is just a tad on the heavy side. We're now into May and I'm still 5ft 9" but now down to 17st 11lbs so moving in the right direction. 

The last couple of weeks have been decidedly tougher so I thought I'd try something new to keep me motivated and here I am.


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  • Welcome malcjsmith I hope you find this site as helpful as we do.

    If you haven't already, please check out the Welcome Newbies page on the right hand side under Pinned Posts. It has lots of helpful info, also you may want to try the 12 week plan and please feel free to join in the challenges (again under Pinned posts). We have a weigh in on a Monday, not compulsory, but it helps us stay accountable and encourage each other.

    If you have any questions, there is usually someone around who can help. Good luck.

    Mouse 🐭 

  • Hello and welcome 😊 This is a great forum, lots of advice and support, and truly inspiring weight loss stories to help motivate 😊

    On a long journey like this weight losses can slow down as our bodies are working at keeping our weight stable 😕 There are a few tricks people have tried such as upping then cutting calories, boosting exercise, eating less carbs etc 

    Very best wishes for a successful journey 😊

  • Hi Malcjsmith,

    Just to add to what others have already said - Welcome!  Here's a link to our Welcome Newbie post:


    I'm just dashing out now, but wanted to Welcome you, and hope you enjoy being part of this great community.  I hope you'll join our Monday group weigh-in sessions, if you fancy a weekly weigh-in.  As Anon-E-Mouse says, they help those of us who choose to participate stay accountable and encourage one another.  It's a really supportive and lovely group - which I think is also the case for the Weight Loss NHS community generally!  :-)

    Hope you'll enjoy it too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi malcjsmith, I love a poster with sense of humour.  Really enjoyed your too short gag.  Welcome to one of the nicest websites around.  Great discussions and wonderful support.  


  • Good going malcjsmith I too am short for my weight but get lots of good support form the forum. Welcome

  • Love it! "Way too short for my height" - I always knew that was my problem!  This is a great forum for posting your thoughts and getting lots of support and stimulating chat! Keep going and you'll get there.  Onwards and downwards...

  • Well done you, Malcjsmith! Loosing 2 stones in 12 weeks. Glad you joined us we are all in this weight loss saga together and help, advice, encouragement and sometimes sympathy are all here amongst friends.

    Join the weigh-in on Monday, see Lowcal and the gang, always there to help


  • Hi MalcjSmith,

    A lot of chaps do really well when they tap into their competitive side.  What exercise are you into?  Do you have a bike - you could cycle one mile, then two, and gradually increase it.  You can compete against yourself to improve your time over a set distance?  Same with swimming which is a great calorie burner.  All these activities keep you away from the food (so long as you avoid the cafe after swimming), and combined with a calorie controlled diet - you will soon be trim!

  • Thanks, 

    I'm already cycling about 15 to 20 miles three times a week building up to a 100 mile in a day cycle (Hopefully by the end of August).

  • Well done, that's the way to do it! Eat plenty of protein to build muscle and cut down on fat and sugars, the weight will go.

  • Well done on your weight loss. I find this group great, lots of support, and i am sure it will help you to be on here.

  • Hi.  Firstly congratulations on your 2 stone weight loss. I'm glad to read that you are only shrinking vertically. Loving your humour. If only I were  6ft rather than 5ft 2 I wouldn't be over weight at all!  You will get all the advice and, more importantly,  support you will need to reach your goal.  Good luck :)

  • Haha that's a great way to look at it. This forum is great for motivation and has kept me on track for the last 9 weeks.  Hope you find it helpful too :)

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