On an even keel

A short one for me on what is becoming a weekly confessional with benefits of sharing others journey. I'm keeping to my healthy eating goals most days and not worrying too much on the others. Continuing with no short term weight loss goal but it's coming off at what 'they' say is sustainable amount. It's all about longevity right? and working on overall healthy rather than the minute details which have caused me to fall off the wagon in a dejected heap before. So I'm going for 80% good and it seems to be working. So Im celebrating the small habit  changes. Good luck everyone for the coming week. May you meet your own personal milestones. Hmmm...looking back on this, not so short after all.


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4 Replies

  • Well done and congratulations for finding something you can stick with. Best of luck for the rest of the journey. 

  • Yes but so worth saying.  I don't fret as long as I am 80% good too.  Finally learning the message of good enough, saves so much wear and tear on the emotions.  

  • I'm a bit like you. I don't weigh everything, I feel as though I have a handle on most things, I don't get obssessive most days, I just go with the flow. Logically if I increase my veggies and lean protein, leave out the sugar and bad fats I can't help but lose right? It's working I've lost 3.5 kgs in 3 weeks. I'm doing my best. Last week I cheated a bit, but then cut down the following day. I was delighted to see I'd lost half a kg. Good luck on the rest of your journey. :)

  • Yeah. Makes sense and for me I've got to focus on longevity for real changes or it'll be like before. Great loss BTW. 😊

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