Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Update

Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Update

Hello guys & gals.

Time for an update on our inch loss challenge - please share your progress (or lack of). Don't be shy!

For anyone new coming to this challenge you are more than welcome to join - please see the link below for the original post idea.

So to my progress - I haven't tried the dress again yet but the tape measure is telling me a couple of inches are gone at the area where I measured in the last post. I am not sure I believe it so I'll try the dress on in a couple of weeks to get the truth :)

For now, I leave with a picture I attempted to share with you all on the last post. I took this about 3 weeks ago. The trousers used to be my favourite work trousers but I put on more weight and as they had no stretch in them and were getting tight I stopped wearing them. As you can see, they are now a tad on the large side :) As they say, picture is worth a thousand words - and that is the basis really of this challenge :)

If anyone wishes to share a photo you'll have to do it in a separate thread so please post a link to this thread so it makes sense to people who aren't following the challenge.

Keep up the good work everyone!


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115 Replies

  • Your picture is very inspiring!  Reminds us all what we are trying to do.

    I have such an assortment of clothes in all sizes, and I have to keep trying things on - some are too big, some I have yet to get into again, being mid-way along my weight loss journey.  It's a strange feeling when you lose touch with just what size you really are - inside your head I mean.  It takes a while for the head to catch up with the body doesn't it!

  • Hi DD,

    I know what you mean about clothes in all sizes - the trick is to remember you have them before you miss the window to wear them and with the poor weather we're having that could be an issue with some of my summer clothes.

    I know what you mean about losing touch with your size - I guess that is something we need to make sure we never do again. But as you point out it works both ways - I still find it difficult to pick something up and know it will find - was much easier when I was bigger - weird!

  • This is VERY true. I lost 2 st to get from size 14/16  back down to 12. I've maintained this new weight for a whole year , but I still always take a 14 into the changing rooms as Im still aftaid that a 12 wont fit, but 80% of the time it does! 

  • This is so annoying I had a dress which fitted me like a glove 2 weeks ago and now this dress is a little tight. Plus I have lost control eating wise. In other words I am in a very bad state. I am hopping to get back into the wagon tomorrow when my son is back at school than I will be able to get out for a run in the par. Get my eating healthy back again. It is so silly as at the moment I ate pizza which I should not have especially as I am now suffering from a Thrush. I guess I know my period is coming any day and therefore I am totally out of control. Well tomorrow I better start. No more excuses as I have been like this for 2 weeks already. I don't even want to know what tomorrows weigh in will be like.

    Sorry I should have complimented on your picture but I got so jealous of you. It is so nice when ones clothes are too big!

  • Poor you , sounds like its been a toil recently .I have been emotionally all over the place the last 2 weeks but everyone on here has been so positive I am determined not to let the slip ups ruin everything I am planning . I have 7 weeks till holiday in the sun and hope for 7lbs before then . More than do able if I focus.

  • you are really getting me thinking if it was emotionally eating or rather it is just the fact that my son was eating dairy chocolate for at least 4 days and I just lost self control. It is my favourite. It could be both. You now what it is the past now.

  • Very true.  Or as Anne Shirley said, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it."  I think that's one I need to try to keep in mind as well.  Good luck!

  • Sorry can't promise no mistakes as we are human. The truth is I am allowed a tiny drop of cheating but not too much!


  • I find chocolate very addictive 😕 I'm sure there must be something in it 😕 But as someone said, there is no point looking backwards, you're not going that way 😕 Good luck 

  • I am also wondering if I am not allowed to eat them if that is why I love them more. I can't eat dairy as I have endo and a Thrush so sugar. LOL!


  • Some people can eat just a little and then stop 😕 I think what I have to give up to eat chocolate,milky coffee or slice of toast or one teeny tiny piece of chocolate? 

  • Usually I do have much more self control but now I am going to listen to you and stay away from dairy chocolate even though I bought yummy ones especially now that I have cheated tons I have to be supper good as I don't want to get in any pain. Tomorrow is a challenge as I am having my sister over with her family and I promised my son dairy which is my favourite but I will have to just eat spaghetti without the cheese if I want to get my period without any pain.

  • Hi Bakersdozen,

    We all have little blips and some last weeks, but you know what you have to do. Just draw a line under it and start a fresh tomorrow. Life often gets in the way and then we have to play catch up again.

    The photo is the result of over a year's work - but it is worth it :)

  • Thanks sueper you have encouraged me! It takes a year to loose weight and I must get back on the wagon.

  • Come on, you can succeed,  loosing pounds we can all do, being fat is a temporary state, just change from negative to positive, good luck my friend 

  • Sounds like your hormones are plotting against you BD, it will be much easier once your monthlies arrive and then you can get back on track.

  • LessToLose I am not waiting till my monthly arrives as I refuse to weight till Tuesday I feel bloated and awful and therefore I am starting right now. Tomorrow my son is back at school we had fun bring at home and now we are all back to norml routine. My hubby is also back to work. That is it! Back to eating healthy and off to my runs in the park.

  • Excellent - well done BD, you have the right attitude to succeed!

  • Well done for everything you've lost!

    I've not tried my top yet, but have noticed a few items of clothing feeling a bit looser, which is great! I'm at the point where my slightly-too-tight clothes fit again, but I'm not ready to squeeze into the old wardrobe yet!

  • Keep trying Cooper27, sometimes our clothes don't match with what the scales tell us, so some of those smaller clothes may fit already :)

  • Well done for the photo I hope that will be me in 7 weeks

  • Good luck - the photo is the result of about 14 months work - if only it was 7 weeks ;)

  • Well done Sue! Looking good! :)

    I wish I'd thought about it before, but I just took my favourite, humungous trousers to the charity shop last week! 

    As you know, I can fit into my dress, as long as I don't want to breathe, or move! ;) Methinks I'll need another few weeks before I can say it fits :) Maybe by the next update, I'll be able to move enough to take a selfie! :)

  • Good luck Moreless, looking forward to your selfie saying "yes to the dress"! :D

    Those trousers are the only fat thing I kept - no photo sadly, I only properly took one at xmas and haven't lost much since then. I kept those trousers as they had no elastic so no stretch at all to distort the progress. The aim of course is to get both of my legs into one of the trousers legs - not sure it's gonna happen with my thunder thighs but who knows :)

  • I probably could have done that with my trousers, even with my thunder thighs!! :D

  • I think you need to go to the charity shop and buy them back!

  • Especially if I turn as pear-shaped as my weight loss! :D

  • Noooooo!  They are just for photo opportunities for when you are at goal - not, I repeat NOT for slipping back into!

  • LOL! Never fear, I'm never going back there again! :)

  • sueper you have such a way of motivating me and lifting me up! I love this one I haven't lost much weight since xmas. Keep going and supporting me! Thanks for encouraging me! As lately my weight is so slow and I am so glad to hear that we are all the same. Just keep going forward and hopefully my 7 lbs or a stone will eventually disappear!

  • No worries Bakersdozen, for most of us it is a real struggle. If you are thinking more of a lifestyle change too then it probably takes even longer. Even maintaining for a bit is not failing so just keep plodding on and you will get there :)

  • Y£S! I want this to be a life style as I can see that when I eat unhealthy foods i have no energy but when I eat fruits and veggie than I have tons of energy. That is why I got so mad but you are so right I slipped pick myself up and dust myself off and so it takes ages but you are so right just get back on the wagon. Keep plodding on! Now I know how to keep myself motivated if I want to stay pain free and have more energy that just keep eating and drinking healthy. If I don't than it is emotional and than find a hobby to lift myself up.

  • So many of us here have issues with emotional eating but I think it does get easier the longer you do it.

    A hobby is a great way to distract yourself :)

  • Nice pic! Well I'm half an inch closer to fitting into my jeans so 5.5 inches to go!

  • Half an inch in such a short time is fab, well done :)

  • Well done Sueper! Haven't quite figured out how to get a picture of it, but the skirt I am using for this challenge is already on a bit easier and now only has a 20cm gape (lol!)  Am looking forward to trying it again in a couple of weeks :)

  • Hi Butterbrain, well done on reducing the size of the gape :)

  • I wish my trousers looked that loose!!

  • They will Prince56 - took over a year and I am still not half way through but getting there slowly :)

  • Well you are looking fantastic! Keep up the good work, you inspire me, I'm only a month or so in so I know what to look forward to, well done, 

  • Thanks Prince. There are so many inspiring people here so make sure you check in when you have a wobble. It can be a long journey but it is so worth and you'll be glad you started it :)

  • Wow great pic sueper, you've done so.... well! The jacket I bought a size too small is still much the same! But I've dropped a size in my jeans! So it's obviously going more off my butt! I don't where it goes from - just so long as it goes!! Onward and downward! 🙌 😉

  • Well done Jesterpuss - I am the same, mine comes off the bottom bit first but I think that is where I carry it more.

    Enjoy those jeans and hopefully you'll be in the jacket soon :)

  • I wish it would go off my butt! 

    Great news about the jeans, Jesterpuss, I am sure the jacket will be fitting you soon!

  • Thanks LTL, I'm hoping my butt will have a bit of wriggle room in the aeroplane seat this year! 😂 good news about your jacket! Way to go! 😉

  • I'm sure I will! Thanks sueper x

  • Oh my, look at that tiny waist in those large trousers - well done, it is great to see progress like that.

    Well, I measured the gap in the front of my jacket before I can do it up and it is just over 4", so I am 1" nearer.  Soon, jacket, soon...

  • Well done LTL - 1" is fab :)

  • Fab photo 😊 Very well done sueper 😊 You should rightly feel very proud of all the hard work 😊 

    I am still going down slowly, waist reducing too which is good, 😊 Don't think I will make the size 14 swimsuit before my holiday in two weeks but the size 16 is comfortable 😊 

    Anyone else noticed their feet shrinking too? Tried on last years sandals and they're too loose!! Lol 😂

  • Hi Anna,

    Good to hear the inches are coming off your waist - mine goes down much slower than the rest of me.

    Yes, my feet have shrunk too & I am sooooooooo pleased. I was wearing eee and now an e which means I can buy nice shoes from New Look :)

  • Good to buy nice shoes 😊 I am treating myself to some nice ones for my hols 😊 

    With regards to my waist, I'm not just Apple shaped I resemble a toffee apple!! 😂 Skinny legs plus big tummy 😞 But have been working hard at it and it is working 😊

    Onwards and downwards 😊

  • I am all for treating myself so make sure you do - you deserve it :)

    I am more hour glass but the extra weight turned into a pear shape, so I am slowly getting my shape back. I still have thunder thighs though :D

  • hourglass is good 😊 And to have followed plan for over a year 😊 sone achievement 😊

  • It's still a big hourglass lol :D

  • Not that big . . . And getting smaller 😊😊😊

  • I have not tried my skirt yet either, but I think I will give it a miss this time as the tape measure says my waist is the same.  I would like to report though that I'm now no longer popping out of my bras.  Ladies, I think you might know what I mean! ;)

  • Great news about your bras Vicky ;) It is always nice to feel a bit more comfortable :)

  • I am down one size in trousers since I started this challenge , still a way to go till the magic dress, but defiantly right direction . I am loving my hoola hoop 

  • Wow Mollydex, well done, I am so chuffed for you! Keep up the hoola hooping it definitely seems to be doing the job!

  • You look really good sueper that photo is so encouraging, to see what can be done with a little willpower and time.

    I didn't have smaller clothing, but wanted to lose 9 inches from my waist by Christmas. When we started, (a month or two ago?), My waist was 39 inches, last Monday it was 37.5 inches, so, as we say on here, onwards and downwards 😃😃


  • Excellent progress Anon-E-Mouse :)

  • The picture says it proud and pleased you must feel...deservedly so 

  • still a way to go for trousers to fit, but the gap has closed a fraction

  • Every millimetre counts Prawncess :)

  • A fantastic result , you deserve to feel proud so keep trying on those trousers and smile to yourself !! 

  • Wow - fab pic! Sorry missed first update. Was on my hols so really focused on diet! No more excuses now & just received an invite to the races in mid June so best get back on it! So, my aim was to get in a smaller pair of work trousers. I've done it but not done it! I had reluctantly bought some size 18s from M&S but they seemed to have loads of excess fabric round bum & thighs so not very flattering. Spotted a pair of 'modern slim' fit ones on Saturday. More flattering but compared to the others an inch smaller on the waist. Not quite sure how they've managed that, surely a size 18 waist should be the same whatever the product. Especially in the same shop? They're a bit snugger than I'd like but will definitely encourage me to eat healthy lunches 😂 Well done to everyone that's shrunk & keep going to those of us that haven't! xx

  • I find the size (and quality) of M&S not reliable these days 😕 Glad you found some flattering trousers 😊 good to feel nice in our clothes 😊

  • Thanks Anna. I get really frustrated with the guessing games I have to play when clothes shopping.  Don't get me started on getting tops to fit my boobs. I'll be here all day 😂 Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday 😀

  • Me too!!! size 12-14 trousers, 16 or even an 18 top! 😕 Sigh . . . 

  • One day I will be in 12-14 trousers! I'm a similar size on top. I don't give blouses/shirts a second look these days. Gaping is so not a good look! 😂

  • Soon be there 😊 Onwards and downwards

  • 😀🍀

  • I find M&S trousers particularly tiny on the waist compared to the hips/ legs. If it fits me found the middle it's like clown trousers everywhere else, I've stopped bothering to even look in there now.

  • I'm the same, they seem to make for very pear shaped women 😊

  • That's just how I described the old trousers 😂 These new ones seem better - fingers crossed! 

  • Good luck Yorkshirepud - I think it is harder to get clothes to fit better as you shrink! I know that in Tesco their plus sizes are bigger as in a size 18 in plus size is bigger than the standard size 18 - not sure that helps anyone!

    Having a baggy bum is never good so good luck getting into those slim fit ones :)

  • Thanks sueper I'm hoping I can do some serious shrinking over the next few months. Hoping I can whinge about size 12-14 by  Christmas! 😀

  • :-) Yes, Sunday morning was the truth path opened on my blue dress... it is definitely not 9cms and not 6cms to close the zip... and I could pull the zip a bit higher up.... I believe it is now 3cms to close it and then another 2cms to look smooth again on my body.... cheerioh for all who are fighting their swinehound ;-)  and good luck to us coming to an end with the dragging defeat  :-P

  • Well done flower-arranger - fab progress :)

  • If I hadn't the dress to go for, it would have been much more difficult! Thank you, that you set up the dress/trousers clothes challenge ;-) it makes it all easier, now that I have a proper aim, something to target...

    I had before that a woman's suit hanging out on my wardrobe, but the aim was too high... it is true, one has to make the target manageable :-D

  • Thanks flower-arranger. Making the targets manageable is so important which is why this challenge is going to go on for so long. Hopefully we'll all make good progress on our larger targets as well as hitting a few mini ones on the way :)

  • Hi sueper,

    I'm back from jollies and ready to knuckle down !! 

    It's been a difficult few months  but reality struck on the first night of hols. I pulled on a pair of crop trousers that were very loose when last worn in November and I  struggled to get the zip up and when bent over to put on my shoes the zip burst !!! Eeek !! Mr F in fits of laughter !! 

    I packed on automatic pilot pulling out my 'holiday' clothes and gave no thought to the fact I've put on 'a few Ibs ' !!!

    I've done my measurements and took a photo of the offending trousers so do I do a post or post  here ??? ( I'm not technical so easy would be good )


  • Hi Flossie,

    Hope you had a lovely time away - I think you needed it after a tough time. Those are the times that really test us and I usually fail miserably!

    Bad news about your cropped trousers but at least you gave your hubby a good laugh ;)

    Unfortunately it is not possible to add a photo to an existing thread so if you do want to post one you'll have to do a post and maybe add the link to this thread so people know why you are posting a photo of those mean trousers :)

    Good luck getting into them if we have a summer this year :D

  • Thanks sueper,

    I'll have a fiddle around and see what I can do !

    Most importantly I'm back in and ready to loose !

    Have a lovely week


  • wow brilliant effort so inspiring!!!  ahh I look forward to the feeling of well fitting clothes not self consciously pulling tops down or adjusting my clothes or sitting in weird positions to cover up 

  • Thanks - it took a long time :)

    Good luck getting more comfortable :)

  • Hi Sueper and gang,

    I hope you won't mind me coming on here bragging, but I'm just sooooo excited! :)

    I've been concentrating on getting into my size 18 dress and ignoring the way that I'm shrinking. It appears, that my bottom half is losing the inches quicker than my top half, as my baggy trousers are telling me.

    Just by way of an experiment, I thought I'd try on my size 16 denim skirt, which was the 2nd item of clothing on my list and it FITS!!!! I'm so thrilled! :)

    Spurred on by that achievement, I tried on my size 16 jeans (not stretch) and I can do them up! I probably would have worn them tight like that before, but now, I'd rather have a little more slack, but I'm still delighted with  the result! WOOHOO! :D :D :D

  • Hey Moreless, keep the bragging up, this is the place to do it :D

    So pleased for you and what a treat to be even smaller than you thought!

    Keep up the good work you could be a size 12 by xmas at this rate! :)

  • Oh I really hope so Sueper! My niece is getting married on the 3rd December and I'd really like my outfit to be a size 12! :)

    Thanks so much for understanding my need to show off! :D

  • Showing off will hopefully be the end result for everyone doing the challenge :)

    I have just ordered the size 18 dress I wanted as it was less than half price so I'm really feeling the pressure now!

  • I can't wait until everyone's bragging! :)

    Don't you worry! That dress is going to fit you perfectly and you're going to look like a million dollars in it! :)

  • Thanks Moreless fingers crossed :)

    Oh & by the way, it's not bragging really, it's inspiring ;) And we love a bit of that here :D

  • It seems that NotSoTiny also fitted into a pair of size 16 jeans today and we're both just being inspirational, by screaming it from the rooftops!! :D :D :D

  • So would I - like your outfit to be a 12, you will be going all glamorous and gorgeous and you will post the picture here so we can clap, cheer and feel smug for you as all the long lost relatives ( some of which may have gained weight) go WOW - no pressure Moreless tbh they would probably think that now ( as long as you are not wearing your raspberry beret)😍

  • I'll start psyching myself up now Prin, photos don't come easy for me, unless I'm hiding behind a raspberry beret etc :D

  • Hi Everyone, I wanted to read everyone post before I wrote mine. It took more than two attempts. I tried my jean on Sunday but no progress to report. I've been working hard this week and next time I hope to report better news. Finally, to all of you in this challenge, thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  • You'll get there hh, keep up the good work :)

  • It's still early days hh, keep up the good work :)

  • Ooh baggy trousers - a lovely sight when they used to be so tight! 

    I took my measurements on 14 April and re-took them on Tuesday. I have lost two inches from my waist and one inch from my chest. So pleased with the results. I think motherhood is toning me up - lots of bending down to pick up Miss Fizz lol!!

  • Well done FizzyLiz :) Bet your arms are getting pretty toned too!

  • Dress challenge Update

    Weight this morning. 70.5kg lost since July last year 15.5 kg 😊 I was really hoping to be under 70kg /11 stone by now but very close so I'm happy.😊

    Inches lost - bust 2 1/2, hips 4 1/2 waist 7!!! This is my problem area, it is still too big and there is a lot abdominal fat but pleased that targeted exercise is paying off 😊 so my dress size is a 12/14 bottom, top remaining a stubborn size 16 😊 however I am hopeful of getting to my size 12 target for my 25 Anniversary next February ❤️

    So that's me packing for my trip to Spain next week, followed by visitors, then a week off with hubby so not expecting to lose very much for the next few weeks. As someone said "I aim to maintain" until mid June, wish me luck! 😊

    Good luck everyone with this challenge, onwards and downwards! 😊

  • Well done Anna that is fabulous progress - seems you have a great chance of hitting your size 12 target for next February so good luck :)

  • It is Friday the 13th May and I zipped up my old blue dress. It is not a stretch one!

    And I cracked the 86kg line and hopping now between 87,88, and 86kgs. Yippeeh! I very big sigh, and I thought inbetween I don't do it this summer anymore. Now 2-3cm have to come down, that the dress plays again, slipping up and down ;-P

  • Well done flower-arranger :) So Friday the 13th has been lucky for you :)

  • Thank you so much :-)

    I think I will celebrate now always Friday the 13th every time we are having this date with a special good dinner for the whole family ;-D

    We have in Germany a chocolate song, saying the calories are the little tailors sewing your clothes every night a little bit tighter ;-P

  • Hi Sue, me again, sorry to keep popping up randomly, but just wanted to share my update re my dress :D

    I found a picture of myself, wearing a size 16 dress, which I still have. I was ruing the fact that it was too small for me now, but my husband said I looked bigger in the pic than I am now! Of course, I had to try the dress on and lo and behold, it fits! I then tried on my size 18 dress for the challenge and it's still too small!

    Evans, size 16, fits

    Marks and Spencer, size 18, too small

    How's that for proving that dress sizes are totally out of whack!

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings! :D

  • Well done Moreless - that is fantastic. You are so right about sizes being out of whack.

    Keep up the excellent work :)

    I totally forgot to do the 2 weekly update last weekend but I will do it this weekend :)

  • Thanks Sue, sorry for being a pest! :)

    I'll look forward to seeing how everyone else is getting on at the weekend :)

  • Not a pest! Love to hear people's progress :)

  • moreless I am so glad I am not the only one who says size dresses are not accurate.

    Well done you fit into a size 16!

  • Thanks bd, but now I'm not sure which dress is the right size! I could be anything between a 16 and a 20! :o

  • I am in the same boat! The problem is that each company has a different cut! It confuses us when we go shopping. We can't buy on line unless you know which make is which size. I am telling you are a size 16! that is it! :)

  • So true! I'm going to take your word for it then, thank you! I like being a 16! :D

  • I feel really honoured that you are listening to me! For once I can be of help! :) One hand washes the other! :)

    My sister always used to tell me cut out labels!

  • Wow wow wow!

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